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Toxic reaction: how to clear dangerous pollutants out of your home

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People will go to all sorts of lengths to move towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Changing where and how they buy their clothes, cutting down on meat and dairy, and replacing trips in the car with jour...

Oliver Jeffers: ‘Catch-22 was the first time I had a physical reaction to a book’

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My earliest reading memoryI was being read a picture book of Waltzing Matilda by my dad, when my nose started bleeding again; I’d been hit with a ball in the face earlier in the day. A big drop splatted right in the m...

Chain reaction: Canadian MP complains about minister’s video bike backdrop

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A conservative Canadian MP has accused the country’s environment minister of breaching parliamentary protocol after his bicycle appeared on screen during a hybrid session of parliament. Conservative MP Ed Fast said mi...

South Africa accuses UK and others of ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to new variant

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South Africa has angrily condemned travel restrictions imposed by countries including Britain as “knee-jerk and draconian” as it scrambled to assess the potential for the new Covid-19 variant to unleash a deadly fourt...

‘A travesty’: reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse verdict marks divided US

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Reactions from both sides of the US political divide have poured in after a jury on Friday found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on charges related to his shooting dead two people at an anti-racism protest and injuring a ...

Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid: La Liga, el clásico – reaction!

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David Alaba and Lucas Vazquez found the net as Real Madrid defeated Barcelona

Paris Saint-Germain 2-0 Manchester stad: Champions League – reaction!

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Lionel Messi opened his Parisian account in spectacular fashion as PSG gained a modicum of revenge for last season’s semi-final defeat

Porto 1-5 Liverpool: Champions League – reaction!

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Mo Salah and his replacement Roberto Firmino scored two goals each as Liverpool piled more Estadio Dragao hurt on their hapless hosts

Taliban says US troops staying beyond deadline ‘will provoke reaction’ - video

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Staying beyond the agreed deadline of 31 August would be 'extending occupation', Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said on Monday, and this would 'provoke a reaction'.The comments were made after a firefight between...

Wild reaction videos take the place of in-venue Olympic outpourings

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A huge wrench for many athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics is that, because of Covid restrictions, they are unable to have their friends and family cheering them on from the stands. Fortunately, in a connected so...

Euro 2020: France reaction, Turkey v Wales buildup and more – live!

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Skotland 0-2 Czech Republic: Euro 2020 – live reaction!

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Democrats propose quick reaction force in $2.1bn Capitol security bill

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House Democrats plan on Wednesday to unveil a $2.1bn supplemental bill to enhance security at the Capitol that will propose creating a quick reaction force to guard against future threats in the wake of the Capitol at...

‘Allergic reaction to US religious rightfueling decline of religion, sê kenners

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Fewer than half of Americans belong to a house of worship, a new study shows, but religion – and Christianity in particular – continues to have an outsize influence in US politics, especially because it is declining f...