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TikTok is not the enemy of journalism. It’s just a new way of reaching people

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Twenty-three million people in the UK use TikTok every month. Enhanced by the pandemic and its impact on remote work, apps like TikTok and Instagram have become the digital equivalent of the watercooler. It’s where we...

More rape cases reaching court in England and Wales after years of decline

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Police and prosecutors are driving up the number of rape cases reaching courts in England and Wales in a reversal to previous trends, after a landmark government review promised sweeping reform of how the crime is tre...

Russian invasion in eastern Ukraine reaching stalemate, says US official

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Russian and Ukrainian forces appear to be settling into a gruelling and deadly stalemate in Ukraine’s east, amid warnings from a senior US military official that neither side can win in the present circumstances. Desp...

Polish mayors warn cities reaching capacity as Ukrainian arrivals rise

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The mayors of Poland’s two largest cities have said they are struggling to cope with the huge number of refugees arriving from Ukraine, as UN figures show more than 1.7 million people have crossed into Poland in the w...

Pregnant refugees not being seen by doctors for weeks after reaching UK

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The Home Office is facing demands for an inquiry after it was claimed that pregnant refugees are not being fed or examined by doctors or midwives after arriving in the UK. A first-time mother who was 38 weeks pregnant...

Bereik netto nul deur 2070 is moontlik – maar dit is wat Indië nou doen wat saak maak

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Verwondering, opgewondenheid, bekommer, teleurstelling, spot – die aankondiging deur Indië se eerste minister, Narendra Modi, dat die land netto nul koolstofvrystellings sal bereik deur 2070 het allerhande reaksies uitgelok...

Cop26: Boris Johnson ‘cautiously optimistic’ about reaching 1.5C deal

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Boris Johnson has declared he is “cautiously optimistic” about a deal at Cop26 to keep global temperature rises below 1.5C as he urged China to commit to bringing emissions down by 2025. The prime minister had previou...

Migrants reaching Dover spend first night in unsafe conditions

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Migrants crossing the Channel in small boats are spending their first night on UK soil in crowded, unsafe and unsanitary conditions, a damning independent report has concluded. Exhausted people have been forced to sle...

Floods block food from reaching thousands of refugees in Colombia

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Flooding and landslides have left thousands of refugees cut off from food supplies in Ituango, the conflict-strewn municipality in north-western Colombia. Roads have been blocked by mud and debris after heavy rains, w ...

Kritiese maatstawwe vir globale verwarming bereik 'n keerpunt, studie bevind

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'N Nuwe studie wat die vitale tekens van die planeet dopgehou het, het bevind dat baie van die belangrikste aanwysers van die wêreldwye klimaatkrisis erger word en dat dit nader kom, of oorskry, belangrike kantelpunte namate die aarde verhit word. Oof ...

Euro 2020: England celebrations continue after reaching final – live!

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Brilliant Ash Barty in a tennis bubble all of her own after reaching Madrid final

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Ash Barty is living in a bubble at the moment – and appears to be playing in a world of her own too. Australia’s extraordinary champion has made it to another major final, successfully negotiating the difficulties of ...

Reaching vulnerable people earlier the focus of national suicide prevention report

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Many people who kill themselves or who experience suicidal thoughts are not reaching out for help, including from the mental health system, the federal assistant minister for suicide prevention, David Coleman, has sai...

UK’s native woodlands reaching crisis point, verslag waarsku

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The UK’s native woodlands are reaching a crisis point, with just 7% in good condition, according to the first comprehensive assessment of their health. The Woodland Trust’s report found the woods facing a barrage of t...