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‘It spreads like a disease’: how pro-eating-disorder videos reach teens on TikTok

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Instagram has attracted a firestorm after whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed internal research showing the platform downplayed proof of its toxic effects – including the rise of eating disorders – on children. Maar ...

Cameron Norrie verslaan tuis hoop Tommy Paul om Indian Wells laaste agt te haal

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Selfs as die toer na 'n lang tyd afloop, uitmergelende jaar, Cameron Norrie voeg steeds by tot sy prestasies in die beste seisoen van sy lewe. By die BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, Norrie het sy eerste loopbaan oorgeskakel..

To truly reach net zero emissions, we need to transform the business supply chain

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The global fight against the impacts of climate change is a generational challenge like no other. This is a shared mission, but it is increasingly clear that levels of distrust and scepticism are running high. The str...

Meng Wanzhou: Amerikaanse aanklaers bereik ooreenkoms in die geval van Huawei se uitvoerende gesag in die middel van die diplomatieke ry

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'N Senior Chinese uitvoerende beampte van Huawei, sedertdien in Kanada gehou 2018 op Amerikaanse aanklagte van bank- en bankbedrog, sal toegelaat word om te vertrek na 'n ooreenkoms met aanklaers, verwyder 'n groot irritasie uit die betrekkinge tussen die VSA en China. Meng W ...

‘It remains out of reach’: bipartisan talks on US police reform bill collapse

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Bipartisan negotiations in US Congress over a police reform bill that was prompted by the killing of George Floyd have collapsed. “We did the best we could,” the Democratic congresswoman Karen Bass told reporters on W...

Whether it’s homes or jobs, our dreams are moving further out of reach every year

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I travelled to New York City in August for the first time since the pandemic began, to visit friends who had just bought their first home. They are firmly upper-middle class and in their 40s. They took out a mortgage ...

Dangerous transmissions: anti-vax radio shows reach millions in US while stars die of Covid

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Phil Valentine, a prominent Tennessee rightwing talk radio host, had released a song called Vaxman, an anti-Covid vaccination ditty based on the Beatles track Taxman. Marc Bernier, a host in Daytona Beach, Florida, hy het...

One in 500 Americans have died of Covid – and some hospitals reach capacity

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America has passed another grim Covid-19 milestone, as data shows that one in 500 people living in the US have died from the virus since the pandemic began. Amper 664,000 people had died of the virus in the US by Tue...

Desertification is turning the Earth barren – but a solution is still within reach

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This summer’s record-setting heatwaves and dramatic fires in southern Europe and the American west were stark reminders that the climate crisis has arrived. But as the world warms, there is also a quieter, lesser-know...

Tottenham reach agreement with Barcelona for €30m Emerson Royal

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Tottenham have agreed a fee of €30m (£25.7) to sign Emerson Royal from Barcelona as Nuno Espírito Santo attempts to bolster his defensive options. Arsenal also reportedly showed an interest in signing Emerson, who joi...

Reach For The Moon wins Solario to give Queen jubilee Derby chance

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The prospect of a fancied runner for the Queen in next year’s Derby amid the celebrations for her Platinum Jubilee moved one small step closer at Sandown Park on Saturday as Reach For The Moon, a product of the Queen’...

Kabul: US starts evacuating embassy as Taliban reach outskirts of Afghanistan capital

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The US has started evacuating diplomats from its Kabul embassy, two US officials have said, as the Taliban took control of the key eastern city of Jalalabad, leaving the Afghan capital as the last major city under gov...

Aston Villa’s Ashley Young: ‘I think we can definitely reach Europe’

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Ashley Young had dreams when he joined Watford as a 10-year-old but it is fair to say he did not envisage returning to Vicarage Road 26 years later as the only Englishman to have won the league in England and Italy. “...

Emissions from cows on New Zealand dairy farms reach record levels

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Greenhouse gases released by New Zealand’s dairy industry have hit an all-time high, according to the latest data. Data from Stats NZ, just released for the years 2007-2019, showed dairy emissions rose 3.18% in 2019, ...

Griekeland: thousands of residents flee as wildfires reach outskirts of Athens – video

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Thousands of residents in the northern outskirts of Athens have been forced to leave their homes as a forest wildfire reached residential areas. The blaze sent a huge cloud of smoke over Athens and prompted multiple e...

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