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‘Noise radar’ in Paris will catch raucous cars and motorbikes

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Paris has switched on its first noise radar as part of a plan to fine loud motorcycles and other vehicles in one of Europe’s noisiest cities. The machine placed high on a street lamp-post in the 20th district in easte...

Vacation Friends review – raucous summer comedy is a washout

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There’s a sense of strained desperation behind the title of the crude summer comedy Vacation Friends that seeps through to the film itself, the bullish insistence that, ja, Vacation Friends is a phrase that people fr...

Gin Craze! review – raucous fun with a dark chaser

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The opening number is a front-of-curtain belter. Four women in ragged gowns brandish finger cymbals, kitaar, accordion and washboard. They are disarrayed, dishevelled and, if their enthusiastic encomiums to “gin, gin,...

Israeli elections: Raucous scenes in Knesset as Benjamin Netanyahu ousted from office – video

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Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year hold on power has ended as parliament voted on a new government of improbable allies. The schism was evident at a raucous session of the legislature ahead of the vot...