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The Guardian view on low Covid vaccination rates: not just North Korea

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When Covid-19 first emerged, the “Hermit Kingdom” lived up to its nickname – shutting its borders in January 2020, long before most of the world had taken real heed of the disease spreading in China. With healthcare a...

Bank of England raises interest rates as it warns of recession and 10% inflation

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The Bank of England has warned that the cost of living crisis could plunge the economy into recession this year, as it increased interest rates to tackle soaring inflation that is expected to rise above 10% in the com...

Independence day: why Gordon Brown gave the Bank the right to set interest rates

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Gordon Brown had a surprise in store for Eddie George when he summoned the then governor of the Bank of England to a meeting at 11 Downing Street on bank holiday Monday, 25 years ago this week. For the past two years,...

Clive Palmer’s campaign pledge to cap home loan rates ‘utterly irresponsible’, dicono gli esperti

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Clive Palmer’s centrepiece campaign pledge to cap homeowners’ interest rates for five years has been dismissed by economists as “radical”, “crazy” and “utterly irresponsible” even though it will probably appeal to som...

Amazon CEO vows to improve workplace injury rates

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In his first letter to Amazon shareholders, CEO Andy Jassy offered a defense of the wages and benefits the company gives its warehouse workers while also vowing to improve injury rates inside the facilities. Jassy, wh ...

Graduates to be hit with ‘brutal’ student loan interest rates of up to 12%

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Interest rates on student loans are set to soar to as high as 12%, costing higher-earning graduates an extra £3,000 unless the government intervenes, according to the Institute for Fiscal Students. Interest rates on p...

Australia politics live updates: Albanese addresses rates mistake; Morrison backs trans women sports ban; phone voting for those in Covid isolation

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The PM is in Gilmore in NSW, while Labor leader is in Bass in Tasmania; phone voting available for people in isolation on election day; Albanese addresses his rates stumble; Morrison applauds ‘brave’ Coalition women p...

120 years of Cancer Research UK: how science transformed survival rates

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In ottobre 2001, the cell biologist and geneticist Sir Paul Nurse received a phone call from Stockholm telling him that he had won the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. He didn’t quite believe it was true until h...

Bank of England raises interest rates to 0.75% as inflation soars

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The Bank of England has responded to the likelihood that the war in Ukraine will push inflation to around 10% this year by raising interest rates back to the pre-pandemic level of 0.75%. Threadneedle Street’s monetary...

Bank of England raises UK interest rates to 0.75% and condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie, including the UK interest rate decision

Bank of England set for tough call on interest rates after US rise

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The Federal Reserve has raised US interest rates for the first time since 2018 – now all eyes are now on the Bank of England to see whether it increases UK borrowing costs for a third time in succession. Wednesday’s q...

ha annunciato un piano da 9 miliardi di sterline inteso a mitigare la crisi del costo della vita che sta affrontando la nazione: British consumers quoted up to £3,500 a year for fixed rates

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Households in Great Britain hoping to fix their gas and electricity bills in a desperate attempt to avoid the worst of the price rises are facing quotes as high as £3,500 a year – with the exception of E.ON customers....

Obesity rates likely to double by 2030 with highest rises in lower-income countries

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More than a billion people around the world will be obese by 2030 – double the number there was in 2010, according to new global estimates. No country is on track to meet the World Health Organization’s (CHI) target t...

Russia’s central bank doubles interest rates after rouble plunges

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Russia’s central bank has more than doubled interest rates to 20%, and banned foreigners from selling local securities, in a bid to protect its currency and economy in the face of international sanctions over the inva...

New Zealand ends isolation rules for vaccinated travellers from Australia as transmission rates soar

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New Zealand has ended its self-isolation requirements for vaccinated travellers arriving from Australia, as the country’s Covid transmission rates soar to among the highest in the world. From Wednesday, vaccinated tra...

Coronavirus restrictions ease across Europe despite high case rates

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France’s nightclubs reopen for the first time in three months on Wednesday and the Netherlands returns to “almost normal” from next Friday, as European countries continue to lift their coronavirus curbs despite relati...

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