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Rassie Erasmus to remain South Africa’s director of rugby for final Lions Test

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Rassie Erasmus is poised to continue in his role as South Africa’s director of rugby for the decisive third Test of the British & Irish Lions series despite World Rugby finally announcing disciplinary proceedings ...

Warren Gatland urges World Rugby to clamp down on Rassie Erasmus’s rants

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Warren Gatland has warned that Rassie Erasmus’s social media outbursts could set a dangerous precedent and has urged World Rugby to act, following the British & Irish Lions’ second Test defeat by South Africa. Gat...

Rassie Erasmus must be careful: sometimes you reap what you sow

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The very best coaches in the world love to have control over everything. We see it with Eddie Jones and England all the time and when those coaches feel like they lose control, they act. Rassie Erasmus evidently feels...

Rassie Erasmus offers to step aside as Lions officiating row rumbles on

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Rassie Erasmus, South Africa’s director of rugby, has filmed another extraordinary video calling into question the officiating during the current British & Irish Lions Test series. Erasmus has even suggested he wi...

South Africa’s Rassie Erasmus has abandoned grace and dignity

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In a slightly different context, people talk about class being permanent. It is not a word, anche se, that attaches itself to rugby coaches who moan and bitch when things fail to go their way. The three key rules every ...

Rassie Erasmus makes tackling jibe at Lions’ Owen Farrell

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The Springboks’ director of rugby, Rassie Erasmus, has aimed a pot shot at the Lions ahead of the looming Test series by questioning the legality of Owen Farrell’s tackle technique via social media. Erasmus has posted...