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Marcus Smith a doubt for England while Randall injury raises questions for Jones

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Eddie Jones has mounting injury headaches before England’s opening autumn international against Tonga on Saturday with Marcus Smith a doubt to face the Pacific Islanders, potentially disrupting the head coach’s plans ...

There’s a straight line from US racial segregation to the antiabortion movement

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The supreme court’s refusal to block Texas’s restrictive new abortion law suggests that the end to country-wide legal abortion might be at hand. For white evangelicals, the rank and file of the anti-abortion movement ...

David Randall, former assistant editor of the Observer, muore invecchiato 70

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David Randall, a former assistant editor of the Observer, has died aged 70. He passed away at his desk working on a new edition of his book Suburbia, his chronicle of life growing up in the suburbs which was praised f...

Randall Goosby: Recensione delle radici

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Roots is the debut solo disc from the young American violinist Randall Goosby. Ci vuole uno sguardo breve ma affermativo alla musica classica americana nera, tirando fuori alcune gemme sottili ma utili. What it’s not is a prog...