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Raising the roof: lofty ambitions in Lisbon

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When the London-based interior designer Rui Ribeiro set about looking for a pied-à-terre in Lisbon, it took him five years to find the ideal place. “I wanted an apartment in an old building and it was imperative for m...

Raising national insurance to fund social care is fraught with political risk

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After months of havering, the government is poised to make two big announcements in the coming weeks. Both break manifesto pledges, both are fraught with political danger. Primero, perhaps as early as next week, comes t...

Raising the VAR: officials hope lighter touch will help stop controversies

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No one likes VAR. De hecho, that’s probably understating it. A survey by the Football Supporters’ Association, commissioned by the Premier League itself no less, revealed that 95% of fans – be they at home or in the st...

We can fund social care without raising national insurance

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The government’s consideration of a rise in national insurance presents an ideal opportunity to question the unfairness of the current 12% y 2% NI rate levels (Ministers mull national insurance rise to fund social c...

Why raising national insurance is not the way to tackle Britain’s social care crisis

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The government intends to increase social care spending. Es 100% right to do so. It is apparently considering plans to raise national insurance (NI) to make that possible. Es 100% wrong to do so. Our social care...

Heir raising: why do we care about ‘Hollywood royalty’?

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In the Guide’s weekly Solved! column, we look into a crucial pop-culture question you’ve been burning to know the answer to – and settle it Having successfully thrown off the yoke of the British monarchy in the 18th c...

Tokyo Olympics: Covid case found at athletes’ village, raising infection fears

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A person has tested positive for Covid-19 at the Tokyo Olympics athletes’ village, organisers said, adding to concerns about infections at the Games which begin next week. Tokio 2020 chief Toshiro Muto confirmed on S...

Naomi Osaka pulls out of Berlin tournament raising doubts over Wimbledon

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Naomi Osaka pulled out of next week’s Berlin WTA 5000 grass court tournament on Monday, raising doubts about the four-times grand slam champion’s participation at Wimbledon later this month. The decision comes after t...

Got a staff shortage? Raising wages normally helps

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From Michel Roux Jr to Tim Martin, from swanky Le Gavroche in London to Wetherspoons pubs, the message is the same: we need more staff. Labour shortages were not a problem envisaged when the UK was plunged into lockdo...

Los conciertos en interiores podrían organizarse sin aumentar el riesgo de Covid, hallazgos del estudio

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La evidencia preliminar sugiere que los eventos musicales en interiores pueden tener lugar sin aumentar el riesgo de transmisión del coronavirus. El primer ensayo controlado aleatorio para evaluar el impacto de las medidas de seguridad integrales de Covid-19..

"Se trata de crear conciencia": Musulmanes en Batley en protesta escolar

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Hace cinco años, la histórica ciudad industrial de Batley se convirtió en el centro de un circo mediático cuando su diputado Jo Cox fue asesinado por un extremista de extrema derecha.. La trágica muerte de Cox en las cercanías de Birstall a manos del supremacista blanco..

A strong case for raising taxes on the wealthy Letters

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It was reassuring to read in James Johnson’s article (Tax rises are no longer taboo in the UK. The party that grasps this could reap huge rewards, 25 febrero) that polling shows a big swing to a majority who now “wan...