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UK weather keeps us guessing, with both sun and rainfall dipping in March

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There was a considerable difference in the hours of sunshine between March this year and 2020. Even with the warm and sunny last few days of the month there were many earlier in March without any direct sunshine at al...

Australia news live: federal clinics open vaccine bookings to ease pressure on GPs; ‘dangerousrainfall continues along NSW coast

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Più di 100 federally funded clinics will take bookings for Covid-19 jabs from Friday and will begin administering them from Monday. Segui gli ultimi aggiornamenti

Flooding in China forces 120,000 to flee homes amid record rainfall

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Più di 120,000 people have been forced to leave their homes after severe flooding in China’s northern Shanxi province that has affected about 1.75 million people in total, authorities said. The floods – caused by h...

Climate change: rainfall threatens spectacular Northumberland carved fireplace

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Race on to preserve centrepiece at Cragside, the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectric powerA race has begun to prevent one of the most spectacular fireplaces in the UK from crumbling because of the incr...

Human activity influencing global rainfall, lo studio trova

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Human activity and climate change were a key factor in extreme precipitation events such as flooding and landslides around the world, ha trovato uno studio. Negli ultimi anni, there have been numerous instances of flooding ...

Weatherwatch: rainfall and heat records smashed in July

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A deluge of rain has inundated parts of western Germany and Belgium over the past week, caused by a slow-moving low pressure system that led to catastrophic flooding. Several rainfall records were smashed, including M...

Occupation: Rainfall review – cool-looking action sci-fi tosh

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It is tough to gauge what is worse about this Australian action sci-fi effort: the outrageously cliche-riddled script by writer-director Luke Sparke, or the way Sparke seems to have encouraged his cast, which includes...