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Man jailed for driving a car half a mile on railway track in Birmingham

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A man has been jailed for 15 months after driving a car half a mile down a railway track, causing passenger delays of up to eight hours. Aaron O’Halloran’s “idiotic actions” on a stretch of track between Duddeston and...

South Western Railway launches 10 minutes’ notice assistance scheme

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Disabled or elderly passengers who need assistance to board trains will be able to turn up and travel rather than book six hours ahead, under a scheme launched by South Western Railway. The launch of “assisted boardin...

No traces of coronavirus found in tests at major English railway stations

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No traces of coronavirus were found in tests at four major railway stations and on intercity train services, Network Rail has said. Places passengers regularly touch, such as escalator handles, ticket machines and ben...

Britain’s Victorian railway bridges may be saved in new green travel plan

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Victorian railway bridges that were due to be filled in with concrete in an act previously decried as “cultural vandalism” will be repurposed as part of a scheme to encourage walking and cycling, the UK transport secr...

‘A precaution’: Sydney airport railway platforms evacuated due to police operation

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The railway platforms at Sydney airport have been evacuated in response to a police operation. A spokesman for NSW police said the operation began about 12.30pm. In a statement on Twitter, police said the platforms of...

Superiore 10 railway walks in Britain, chosen by readers

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My favourite railway walk is along the Manifold Track, a narrow gauge railway in the Peak District that closed in 1934 and was probably one of the first railways to become a footpath, thanks to the foresight of Staffo...

Railway worker saves boy from being run over by train – video

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A railway worker in India sprung into action after a six-year-old boy fell on to the tracks at a train station in Mumbai. The child was with his partially sighted mother and was struggling to get back onto the platfor...