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‘A radiant expectant mother’: Rihanna and the rise of the power bump

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It was a moment of pure joy at a Paris fashion week sobered by the shadow of war. Rihanna sailed into the Dior show like a galleon in full sail, pregnancy bump lightly veiled in a sheer black negligee of lace-trimmed ...

These Precious Days by Ann Patchett review – radiant lessons in writing and living

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Towards the end of her new essay collection, Ann Patchett describes being inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters, where a portrait of her now hangs alongside the likes of Henry James, John Dos Passos a...

Shine review – a positively radiant one-man show

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Kema Sikazwe’s first name means “the one who shines” in the language of his Zambian parents. It suits him. The rapper and actor, who also performs as Kema Kay, has a radiance that draws you to him. For all the fast-ta...