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Mood in Raab’s Surrey seat buoys Lib Dems on eve of party conference

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Dominic Raab might feel his week has already been challenging, but if the former foreign secretary had followed Monica Harding around his constituency on the morning before his demotion, he could be forgiven for being...

Raab’s Afghan debacle is turning into a competence issue for the whole government

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Dominic Raab’s appearance before the foreign affairs select committee was more notable for what he didn’t say than what he did. After a fortnight of criticism over his department’s handling of the crisis in Afghanista...

Afghanistan: Dominic Raab’s answers to five questions from MPs

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During an intense and often angry two-hour session in front of MPs, il ministro degli esteri, Domenico Raab, was peppered with questions that he either would not, could not, or did not have time to answer. Here are five –...

Dominic Raab’s mobile number freely available online for last decade

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The private mobile number of Dominic Raab, the UK foreign secretary, has been online for at least 11 anni, raising questions for the security services weeks after the prime minister’s number was also revealed to be a...