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Sky Glass review: streaming TV not quite ready for prime time

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Glass is Sky’s new voice-controlled streaming television – an ambitious attempt to ditch the satellite dish and provide pay TV straight to the screen, with no set top box required. The television comes in three sizes ...

Alt-J: ‘Feeling unsafe is something that’s quite foreign for men’

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Alt-J frontman Joe Newman recently gave the band’s acclaimed 2012 debutto, An Awesome Wave, a nostalgic spin. “And I was like: ‘Fuck, I sound annoying!’” It has been nearly a decade since the group, then fresh out of Le...

‘It was quite overwhelming’: how it feels to have your business thrive in a pandemic

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It’s no secret that on the work front, the Covid narrative has predominantly been a negative one, with two-thirds of Australian businesses reporting a hit to revenue in 2020 and underemployment hitting a historic high...

Taming the tech giants is one thing. Giving free rein to censors quite another

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Opposition to censorship should not be based on sympathy for the censored but fear of the censors. To loud applause, the UK government says it wants to implement the most far-reaching web regulation of any western dem...

Coronavirus in diretta: WHO experts to revive virus origins inquiry; UK Covid situation ‘quite stable’, says health secretary

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Team of expert scientists is set to revive the stalled inquiry into Covid origins; Sajid Javid says UK Covid defences are working as cases hit 42,776

‘Chipageddon’: how a global tech crisis came to sound quite tasty

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As if there weren’t enough disasters happening simultaneously, people are now speaking of the present “chipageddon”: the worldwide shortage of microprocessors that is affecting supplies of everything from toasters and...

‘I feel like it’s quite shaky acceptance’: trans kids and the fight for inclusion

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‘My preconceptions about trans people came from the media, and I certainly hadn’t heard of trans children. So it just flummoxed me having an assigned male child who didn’t have especially ‘feminine’ interests and yet ...

Dan Stevens: ‘The bodice ripper never quite goes away, I don’t think it ever will’

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When I speak to Dan Stevens, he’s in Los Angeles, shooting Gaslit, a forthcoming TV show that sounds like the definitive deep dive into the Watergate scandal. It’s full of big hitters – Stevens and Betty Gilpin playin...

A Worthy Farm camping trip isn’t quite Glasto, but it’s the best we’ll get this year

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There are some things every Glastonbury festivalgoer is guaranteed to experience. You’ll lose yourself in the endless fields and pathways (and your tent at least once). You will plot the perfect itinerary to take in y...

Regno Unito Covid in diretta: hospitalisation numbers could reach ‘quite scary’ levels in weeks, says Chris Whitty

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: chief medical officer warns that England is ‘not yet out of the woods’ ahead of lifting of legal restrictions on 19 luglio

Actor Giles Terera: ‘Lin-Manuel read my manuscript, Hamilton and Me, and was quite emotional’

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The British actor Giles Terera has appeared in many critically acclaimed stage productions, including The Tempest, The Book of Mormon and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, but is best known for his portrayal of Aaron Burr in ...

Sir Ian McKellen: ‘What does old mean? Quite honestly I feel about 12’

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Oh, birthdays,” Sir Ian McKellen growls, on the occasion of his 82nd. “At my age I don’t do birthdays.” The wider world has not yet been informed, tuttavia, and cheerful cards have come in stacks to McKellen’s London t...

Not quite ready to rock … festivals’ return hit by lack of loos and tents

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Over the past year, the traditional sounds of the festival summer – the drone of guitar feedback, the smack of drumstick on snare – have been silenced by the pandemic. On Friday, they’ll finally be blowing the dust of...

Gwyneth’s Ark: sailing towards wellness but never quite getting there

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“If you want to get rich, you start a religion.” This was the reported opinion of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, chi in 1967 bought the first in what was to become a fleet of cruise ships. According to various whi...

‘Quite snobby’: shoppers’ views on Boris Johnson’s ‘John Lewis nightmare’

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The poet Sir John Betjeman once remarked that when the end of the world came, he would want to be in the John Lewis [then Peter Jones] flagship store on Sloane Square, as “nothing unpleasant could ever happen there”. ...

How much trouble is Boris Johnson in? Maybe quite a lot

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Inside Keir Starmer’s office, jubilant aides described Boris Johnson’s rant at prime minister’s questions as his “Kevin Keegan moment” – when the drip-drip of sleaze stories seemed to have finally rattled him. The tim...

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