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‘People will make the right judgments’: Rishi Sunak questioned about not wearing a mask – video

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The chancellor has refused to commit to wearing a mask inside a crowded House of Commons, as a leading government scientific adviser said ministers were mistaken to believe that vaccinations alone would keep Covid lev...

Government pick for appointments watchdog questioned over past writings

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The government’s preferred candidate for the sensitive role of public appointments watchdog has told MPs he would not write “polemical” articles in the post as he was questioned over past writings which accused Labour...

Former Saudi officials to be questioned about alleged links to 9/11 attackers

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Former Saudi officials will be questioned about their alleged links to the 9/11 attacks in court depositions this month by lawyers acting for families of the victims, who view it as a breakthrough in efforts to prove ...

Kamala Harris questioned over not going to US-Mexico border – video

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US vice-president Kamala Harris has brushed off questions about her decision not to go to the US-Mexico border as part of her work to address the spike in migration. Harris, who was asked about the issue during visits...

Notizie dal vivo su Covid nel Regno Unito: Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance questioned by MPs about roadmap to lifting restrictions

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: chief medical adviser and chief scientific adviser give evidence to Commons science committee