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Queensland premier vows to ‘stand strong’ on border controls until all children are vaccinated

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The consensus among Australian leaders over the national Covid plan has fractured further with the Queensland premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, warning children could be at risk if state borders reopened. Palaszczuk, ta...

Buried Queensland government report found Adani plan to protect black-throated finch was ‘superficial’

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The Queensland government commissioned, mostly ignored, and then tried to keep secret the findings of an independent scientific panel that concluded Adani’s conservation plans for the endangered black-throated finch w...

Queensland scientists brave crocodiles and deadly jellyfish to regrow seagrass

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Researchers have been forced to avoid crocodiles, deadly jellyfish and even quicksand-like mud to replant seagrass beds south of Cairns as part of a project they hope to expand across tropical Australia. The underwate...

Qld Covid restrictions: Brisbane and regional Queensland coronavirus rules explained

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The Queensland government is ending restrictions in the south-east of the state as of 4pm on Friday 27 Augustus. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said masks will still be compulsory indoors, but gatherings of up to 100 peo...

Queensland crocodile attack: two army personnel mauled north of Lockhart River

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A soldier has head, chest and arm injuries after being mauled by a crocodile that also attacked an army colleague who went to his aid in far north Queensland. The men, who were reportedly swimming in croc-infested wat...

Australia Covid live update: Queensland braces for more cases on first full day of lockdown; Sydney authorities in compliance crackdown

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Queensland authorities expect case numbers and exposure sites to grow today as three million across the state begin their first full day in lockdown. Follow all the day’s news

Coalition’s Queensland women set to highlight growing policy divide in party

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Support for a controversial anti-abortion bill, a push against quotas, reuniting families separated by the pandemic and demands for an investigation into the exploitation of backpackers on working visas are among the ...

‘They’re watching us’: Australia tracking Chinese surveillance ship heading towards Queensland

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Australia is tracking a Chinese surveillance ship making its way towards Queensland ahead of a joint military exercise with the United States. The prime minister, Scott Morrison, said Australia respected freedom of na...

Queensland police regret making Indigenous leader leave Adani mine site during protest

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The Queensland police service has made a “public statement of regret” to Wangan and Jagalingou man Adrian Burragubba, in relation to an incident where he was pressured by officers to leave traditional lands at the req...

Queensland Covid update: premier Annastacia Palaszczuk lifts Brisbane lockdown despite five new cases

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Brisbane’s lockdown ended at 6pm on Saturday despite the state recording five new Covid-19 cases, including one not linked to an existing outbreak. Queensland’s premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, told reporters on Saturd...

Australia Covid live update: NSW on alert; Queensland urgently traces case infectious in community for 10 dae

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The 19-year-old medical receptionist was found to have the Delta variant after she travelled to state’s north. Follow latest news

Oggendpos: vaccine confusion, Queensland lockdown, Barty at Wimbledon

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Goeie more. Queensland is in lockdown and confusion continues for Australians seeking Covid vaccinations following the government’s backflip on AstraZeneca advice. Plus more than 200 teachers have shared their conce...

Queensland Covid update: hospital worker who sparked Covid lockdown confirmed to have Delta variant

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Large parts of Queensland have begun a snap three-day lockdown, as the unvaccinated Covid-positive hospital worker whose travel from Brisbane to north Queensland triggered the harsh restrictions was confirmed to have ...

NSW and Qld Covid update: 18 new cases in Sydney and restrictions for south-east Queensland

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New South Wales has recorded another 18 locally acquired cases on Monday, met 15 of the cases linked to the Bondi cluster, as Queensland reintroduces restrictions following two new local cases, including one of the D...

Queensland Covid-19 exposure sites: list of Qld coronavirus hotspots and case location alerts

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Authorities have released a list of coronavirus hotspots and public exposure sites in Queensland visited by a confirmed case of Covid-19. Here are the current coronavirus hotspots, Covid exposure sites, venues and ca...

Trbojevic inspires NSW to record 50-6 State of Origin win over Queensland

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The Tom Trbojevic factor proved greater than any home-ground advantage in Townsville as NSW annihilated Queensland 50-6 in their biggest-ever State of Origin winning margin. Trbojevic scored his second Origin hat-tri...

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