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Soviet chess champion sues Netflix over ‘sexist’ Queen’s Gambit

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The female Soviet chess champion Nona Gaprindashvili is suing Netflix for $5m for a line in its hit series The Queen’s Gambit that claimed she “never played men”, calling the assertion “grossly sexist and belittling”....

Restraining order filed against Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme

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The family of Josh Homme, frontman of the rock band Queens of the Stone Age, has filed for a restraining order against him, accusing him of physical and verbal abuse. The requested order, that Homme remain 100 yards a...

Scottish government refuses to publish details about Queen’s secret lobbying

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The Scottish government is refusing to publish details about the Queen’s secret lobbying of ministers because it would undermine “the appearance of political neutrality” the monarch adopts in public. Civil servants ma...

The Scottish parliament must take a stand against the farcical Queen’s consent rule

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Nel 2002, as the Scottish parliament was debating a bill to provide the public with a groundbreaking new right to roam, the independent MSP Dennis Canavan spotted a provision that exempted the Queen’s private Balmoral ...

Don’t Stop Me Now! Why Queen’s Greatest Hits is the ultimate zombie album

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Nome: Queen’s Greatest Hits. Età: 40. Aspetto: The original cover featured a photograph of the band taken by Lord Snowdon. Status: No 1. I’m sure it was, back in the day. No, it just hit No 1 on the iTunes albums ...

Carnival spirit to infuse Queen’s platinum jubilee shindig

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A giant dragon puppet will be the centrepiece of the platinum jubilee pageant as the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign is told through street theatre, dance, circus acts and marching bands during a central L...

Queen’s property manager says profits fell 22% in first year of pandemic

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A historic offshore wind auction by the Queen’s property manager, the crown estate, helped to counter a sharp drop in the value of its retail portfolio, but could not prevent a 22% decline in annual profits to £269m. ...

President of Oxford college defends students’ right to remove Queen’s photo

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The president of Magdalen College, Oxford, has strongly defended her graduate students’ right to remove a photograph of the Queen from their common room after the education secretary, Gavin Williamson, called the move...

Queen’s platinum jubilee to be marked with four-day bank holiday in 2022

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A four-day bank holiday weekend will mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee next summer to celebrate the monarch’s 70 years on the throne. National events will include a live concert featuring some of the world’s biggest s...

Rachel Reeves decries lack of employment bill in Queen’s speech

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Labour’s Rachel Reeves made a clear attempt to start reconnecting with the party’s lost supporters by using her debut as shadow chancellor to back British workers and to attack the lack of government action on employm...

What made it into the Queen’s speech, and what was left out

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The Queen’s speech has set out more than two dozen planned bills for the government’s legislative programme in the coming parliament. Here’s what it contains – and what it misses out. What is planned: As well as prev...

Queen’s speech unveils Johnson’s plans on free speech, policing and voter ID

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Boris Johnson’s government has unveiled plans for the coming parliament in a Queen’s speech that combined interventionist economics with openly populist moves in areas such as free speech, policing and voter ID. Annou...

Queen’s speech: Tories keeping many manifesto pledges, but struggling to fulfil key ones, says thinktank – politics live

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: government to unveil legislative programme aimed at the new Tory electoral strongholds in northern England and the Midlands, with a Queen’s speech focused on adult education and home ownership

Tuesday briefing: Queen’s speech courts Tory north

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Ciao, I’m Warren Murray introducing today’s big stories. Ministers are to unveil a legislative programme today aimed at the Conservative government’s new electoral strongholds in northern England and the Midlands. T ...

Queen’s speech to focus on adult learning and easing planning rules

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Ministers are to unveil a legislative programme aimed at its new electoral strongholds in northern England and the Midlands, with a Queen’s speech focused on adult education and homeownership. It also features proposa...

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