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Koningin 'geïrriteerd' oor wêreldleiers wat praat oor die klimaatkrisis

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Die koningin het die leiding van die wêreldleiers teen die klimaatkrisis gekritiseer, erken dat sy 'geïrriteerd' is deur individue wat 'praat maar nie doen nie'. Sy het die opmerkings gemaak, wat op 'n lewendige stroom opgetel is, by die ...

Madonna: Madame X review – tour doc prostrates itself before queen of pop

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This documentary opens with the old James Baldwin quotation about artists being here to disturb the peace, alongside a montage of the many controversies Madonna has sparked over the course of her career. There’s the q...

Queen doen 'n beroep op die Skotse parlement om klimaatsverandering aan te pak

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Die koningin het die Skotland se MSP's aangemoedig om klimaatsverandering aan te pak en 'te help om 'n beter te maak, gesonder toekoms ”in 'n toespraak voor die Cop26 -klimaatkonferensie. Die koningin het ook besin oor die 'diepe en blywende liefde'..

New York gossip queen Cindy Adams: ‘My loyalty is to anyone who’ll give me the best quote’

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Cindy Adams, the long-serving gossip queen of the New York Post, was battling Hurricane Ida in her Manhattan apartment. Her terriers were disturbed, and she was not sleeping. “A glass-enclosed penthouse is not good,” ...

Queen commemorates ‘terrible attacks’ of 9/11 in message to Joe Biden

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The Queen has sent a message to the US president, Joe Biden, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and remembered her visit to Ground Zero, the site of the attack on the World Trade Center. Her message said: “A...

Queen supports Black Lives Matter, says senior royal representative

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The Queen and the royal family are supporters of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, one of the monarch’s representatives has said. Sir Ken Olisa, the first black Lord-Lieutenant for London, revealed to Channel 4 t ...

Bloody Mary Live! review – an audience with the killer queen

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You might consider the fraught life of Mary Tudor, England’s first queen, for a long time before thinking: standup comedy. But that’s the leap Olivia Miller has made with this punky solo, first performed in her home t...

‘Prop forward’ Queen portrait to feature in Lucian Freud exhibition

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It was hailed by the Guardian as the finest royal portrait for 150 jare. Others thought it made the Queen look like a rugby prop forward or one of her corgis after a stroke. More than two decades since it was reveale...

Shaybo: Queen of the South review – the Lewisham rapper shows a soft side

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To call yourself Queen of the South before ever releasing an album could easily be a hostage to fortune, but for Shaybo, who has been making viral freestyle videos since 2011, it’s the throne she’s been hand-carving f...

Reach For The Moon wins Solario to give Queen jubilee Derby chance

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The prospect of a fancied runner for the Queen in next year’s Derby amid the celebrations for her Platinum Jubilee moved one small step closer at Sandown Park on Saturday as Reach For The Moon, a product of the Queen’...

‘I couldn’t be tied down!’ Wanda Jackson, rockabilly’s raucous queen

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In 2019, Wanda Jackson announced her retirement from performing. She had been on the road for 65 jare, during which time she had variously been a country star, a rock’n’roll pioneer, a gospel singer and a grande dame...

Is young Rishi about to shunt an ageing Boris into the role of wicked queen?

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Bloodcurdling shrieks from Downing Street, where Boris Johnson recently beheld a most enraging sight in his magic mirror (bespoke handcrafted rattan, Soane, price on application). Instead of responding to his daily qu...

The Equalizer review – farcical fun with Queen Latifah’s avenging angel

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First The Equalizer was Edward Woodward. He equalised things on television from 1985 aan 1989 – a one-man A-Team without the van. Then The Equalizer moved to film in the 10s and became Denzel Washington, who broke with...

Streatham attacker said he wanted to ‘kill Queen’, inquest told

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A convicted terrorist who was shot dead by police after going on a stabbing rampage had signalled his intention before he was released from prison to “commit jihad” and “kill the Queen”, 'n geregtelike doodsondersoek het gehoor. Sudesh A...

First image revealed of Imelda Staunton as the Queen in The Crown

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The first image of Imelda Staunton in character as the Queen in season five of The Crown has been revealed. Staunton has taken over from the Golden Globe winner Olivia Colman, as the fresh series ushers in a new era f...

Openbaar gemaak: Queen vetted 67 laws before Scottish parliament could pass them

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The Scottish government has given the Queen advanced access to at least 67 parliamentary bills deemed to affect her public powers, private property or personal interests under an arcane custom inherited from Westminst...

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