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Tesla reports record quarterly earnings despite global supply chain meltdown

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Tesla saw its biggest quarterly net earnings in history, the company said on Wednesday, propelled by record electric vehicle sales last summer, amid a shortage of computer chips and other materials. The company made $...

Facebook reports fastest quarterly growth in five years

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Facebook saw its fastest growth this quarter since 2016, the company revealed in its earnings report on Wednesday, despite regulatory concerns and criticisms surrounding misinformation on the platform. The social med...

UK retail sector records fastest quarterly growth on record

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The unlocking of the economy following the winter lockdown led to the fastest quarterly growth on record in shopping in stores and online, according to the latest snapshot of consumer spending behaviour. The British R...

BP’s quarterly profit hits $3.3bn as oil price rebounds

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BP has reported its biggest quarterly profit since the Covid pandemic began, and will hand investors a $500m (£360m) cash windfall, as the global oil markets recover from the crisis. The oil company reported a profit ...

Tesla reports record quarterly profit as electric car sales boom

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Tesla announced a record quarterly profit on Monday as sales of its electric vehicles boomed in the first three months of year. The world’s most valuable car company recorded a profit of $438m on revenues of $10.39bn...