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New Zealand authorities search for Covid-positive quarantine escapee

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New Zealand officials are searching for a Covid-positive escapee, who allegedly absconded from quarantine after being allowed home to check in on a pet. The person had requested to return home to retrieve personal ite...

Covid -parkeerareas kan tot stilstand kom: fassinerende maar nuttelose kwarantynidees

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In Januarie 2020, slegs 'n paar dae voordat die eerste passasiers wat deur Covid-19 besmet is, op die vlug van Wuhan in die Verenigde State beland het, Daar is reeds voorbereidings getref in 'n omskepte parkeerterrein in Omaha, Nebraska. Wat ....

Emma Raducanu commits to Australian Open despite strict quarantine laws

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Emma Raducanu is happy to comply with whatever demands are made of players competing in the Australian Open but shrugged off suggestions she will be among the favourites for the trophy. The 18-year-old returned to tra...

Coronavirus live nuus: Die minister van gesondheid in Brasilië toets positief by die VN; Indië doen 'n beroep op die Verenigde Koninkryk om kwarantyngeskil op te los

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Marcelo Quiroga toets positief nadat Jair Bolsonaro in die VN in New York gepraat het; Indië vra die Verenigde Koninkryk om die reël te skrap vir ingeëntde Indiese reisigers

Frustration for New Zealand returnees as Covid quarantine waiting list hits 30,000

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Overseas New Zealanders trying to return home are facing a queue tens of thousands of people long, as the country reopens bookings to cross the border. The country’s borders have been strictly controlled since the beg...

Afghan refugees in UK quarantine hotels treated like ‘prisoners’

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Afghans evacuated to the UK feel like prisoners after being left trapped in quarantine conditions longer than necessary, several of them have told the Guardian, prompting concern about their human rights and wellbeing...

Coronavirus live nuus: Chili keur Sinovac goed vir kinders van ses en ouer; Viëtnam sit 'n man wat die kwarantyn oortree het, in die tronk

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Chili is die eerste land in Latyns -Amerika wat die Covid -entstof vir kinders van ses en ouer goedkeur; Viëtnam vonnis die man wat Covid aan minstens agt mense oorgedra het

Nieu-Seeland: Covid-positive escapee had tried to flee hotel quarantine three times, officials say

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A man who tested positive for Covid-19 before absconding from a quarantine facility in Auckland on Thursday had attempted to escape three times before he was successful, health officials report. New Zealand police arr...

New Zealand police surround address after Covid-positive man escapes quarantine

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A Covid-positive man absconded from a managed quarantine facility in central Auckland on Thursday, prompting New Zealand police to respond to the incident in full protective equipment. Officers surrounded and cordoned...

‘A right good piss-up’: Kyle MacLachlan has a crack at Australian accent from Sydney quarantine

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Anyone who has survived hotel quarantine knows the importance of keeping the brain active – and US actor Kyle MacLachlan, currently holed up in Sydney, has chosen to spend at least one of his 14 days practising the Au...

Liverpool refuse to release Mohamed Salah for Egypt duty over quarantine restrictions

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Liverpool have refused to release Mohamed Salah for international duty next week due to the quarantine restrictions the striker would face on his return to the UK. Liverpool, along with other members of the European C...

Hong Kong reportedly lets Nicole Kidman skip Covid quarantine

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As Hong Kong braces for more draconian Covid-19 travel restrictions to take effect from Friday, the Australian actor Nicole Kidman received an exemption from the government to skip quarantine, media reported. The exem...

Fully vaccinated UK arrivals from France will not need to quarantine

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Millions of Britons have been given the green light to travel to Europe’s holiday hotspots, avoiding quarantine on return from France and Spain where concerns have been raised about Covid variants. Ministers announced...

Japan names and shames citizens for breaching Covid quarantine rules

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Japan has carried out a threat to publicly shame people not complying with coronavirus border control measures, releasing the names of three people who broke quarantine rules after returning from overseas. The health ...

Tearful reunions at UK airports as Covid quarantine rules ease

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Families and friends separated by months of Covid restrictions on international travel have finally been able to embrace after changes to the rules meant many would no longer have to quarantine upon arrival in the UK....

Northern Ireland to allow double-jabbed US and EU visitors without quarantine

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Northern Ireland is to follow the rest of the UK in allowing fully vaccinated travellers from EU amber countries and the US to enter without the need to quarantine. The Stormont executive decided on Thursday to relax ...

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