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Egypt detains artist robot Ai-Da before historic pyramid show

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She’s been described as “a vision of the future” who is every bit as good as other abstract artists today, but Ai-Da – the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist – has hit a snag: Egyptian security forces have det...

Steaming pyramid of rock emerges from water off La Palma as lava reaches the sea and cools – video

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A steaming pyramid of black rock has emerged from the Atlantic waves off the coast of the Canary island of La Palma after lava from the volcanic eruption, which began 10 days ago, finally reached the sea late on Tuesd...

Why Glastonbury is my kind of pyramid scheme

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I was hit by a double blow midweek, as the images of artists recording their sets for last night’s crowdless, glitch-affected Glastonbury live stream coincided with the cryptocurrency crash. I’d bought some #BTC and #...

Derby cling to survival in football’s pyramid scheme

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Fittingly, nobody won. Even for Derby County, there would be no crowning glory, no moment of triumph and precious little dignity. Certainly Wayne Rooney had the decorum and sense of place not to go charging across the...

Substack: the future of news – or a media pyramid scheme?

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Since launching in 2017, Substack has been touting itself as a “better future for news.” Their offering was simple: email newsletters with an option for subscribers to pay monthly fees for content – like Netflix for n...

Bill Harkin, designer of Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage, muore invecchiato 83

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Bill Harkin, the designer of Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage, which became one of the world’s greatest platforms for popular music, è morto invecchiato 83. The news was announced on the Glastonbury website by organiser Michael ...