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From Corrie to car ads, carbon literacy training pushes climate to the fore

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The cobbled streets of Coronation Street may not be the most obvious platform for conversations about the climate crisis, but the UK’s longest-running soap opera has increasingly turned its attention to the environmen...

Play it faster, play it weirder: how speedrunning pushes video games beyond their limits

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En el verano de 2017, the gamer Beck Abney sat in his room playing Mario Kart 64. What happened next has been described as one of the greatest achievements in gaming history. Many doubted it could even be done at all...

‘Our children are hungry’: economic crisis pushes Afghans to desperation

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Yasemeen sits in the back of an open trailer with a bundle of her family’s old clothes wrapped in scarves and some used notebooks already full of a child’s handwriting. The vehicle pulls over in a busy roundabout in c...

Alison Peasgood pushes to the last in rousing finish to Paralympic triathlon

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As Annouck Curzillat and her guide Celine Bousrez came onto the final stretch there appeared to be no danger. With 500m remaining of the women’s triathlon for visually impaired athletes the French pair were approachin...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: UK chancellor ‘pushes PM to relax holiday rules’; mass testing amid China outbreak

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Últimas actualizaciones: Rishi Sunak says restrictions ‘out of step’ with international rivals, according to media reports; China battling worst caseload in months

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: UK chancellor pushes Boris Johnson to relax holiday rules, reports say

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Últimas actualizaciones: Rishi Sunak says restrictions ‘out of step’ with international rivals, according to media reports

Moonpig profits double as Covid pushes spending online

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Moonpig has reported that its annual sales and profits have doubled in its first results since listing on the stock market, after it benefited from lockdown spending during the Covid-19 pandemic. The online greetings ...

Instagram ‘pushes weight-loss messages to teenagers’

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Instagram’s algorithms are pushing teenage girls who even briefly engage with fitness-related images towards a flood of weight-loss content, according to new research which aimed to recreate the experience of being a ...

Covid surge pushes Indonesia’s health system to the brink

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Hospitals across the Indonesian island of Java are running out of oxygen, medicines, beds and even staff as a sharp rise in Covid cases pushes the country’s health system to the brink. Indonesia, which is facing one o...

US pushes France and UK to take Isis fighters back from Iraq and Syria

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The continued detention of former Islamic State fighters in Iraqi and Syrian camps is untenable, and more of them must be repatriated to their home countries, the US secretary of state said at a summit of the internat...

David Miliband charity pushes ‘white supremacy culture’, workers allege

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The International Rescue Committee reinforces “white supremacy culture”, staff have alleged, with the aid organization subsequently hiring a law firm to review its policies relating to discrimination, harassment and r...

Sesión informativa del miércoles: Francia presiona a Estados Unidos para que respalde el alto el fuego en Gaza

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Hola, Warren Murray aquí, y gracias como siempre por prestar tu atencion. France has increased pressure on the US to publicly call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict after a UN security council meeting end...

‘I saw death coming’: Romain Grosjean pushes on in IndyCar after F1 wreck

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For some racing drivers hand blisters are an occasional nuisance. For Romain Grosjean they have become a constant menace, ever poised to loosen his grip and send his bold move from Formula 1 to IndyCar spiraling off c...

Biden pushes jobs as make-or-break argument in climate agenda

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The White House is bringing out the billionaires, the CEOs and the union executives Friday to help sell Joe Biden’s climate-friendly transformation of the US economy at his virtual summit of world leaders. The closing...

Crises collide as climate emergency pushes America’s homeless population to the brink

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Terri Domer knows well what a brewing storm looks like. Domer, 62, an Iowa native, has spent her life watching thunderstorms gather and tornadoes dash across rolling hills. Last August, when the midday sky darkened ov...

Labor pushes Morrison government to clarify whether it views Xinjiang human rights abuses as genocide

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The Morrison government must explain whether it sees human rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang region as a case of genocide, the federal opposition says. Labor’s foreign affairs spokesperson, Penny Wong, also called on ...

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