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‘The new drugs’: Northern Ireland gateway for £150m illegal puppy trade

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Northern Ireland has become a gateway for an “abhorrent” multimillion-pound illegal trade in puppies in Britain in what has been called the new drugs trade by animal welfare investigators. A BBC and Ulster Society for...

Puppy perks: should workers get three weeks of paid leave to bond with a new pet?

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Nome: Pawternity leave. Età: At least five years old. Aspetto: None, for up to three weeks. No appearance where? At work. It’s like paternity leave, but for dogs. My dog doesn’t have a job. Or cats, or any animal....

Puppy smuggling: UK plans crackdown with curbs on dog imports

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Puppies aged under six months could no longer be imported into the UK under tight new welfare standards proposed by the government. The pushback against the “grim trade” of puppy smuggling will prevent puppies from be...

Just got a puppy? Here’s what a terrier called Arthur taught me about love

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I left having children pretty much as late as it was biologically possible to do, and I quickly grew to recognise, if not entirely understand, a certain look – let’s say, boredom mixed with condescension topped off wi...

Guggenheim Bilbao asks for €100,000 to restore Jeff Koons’ Puppy

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It’s a crowdfunding campaign seeking to pull on heartstrings and save a puppy in bad shape, but this request by the Guggenheim in Bilbao is on a different scale. The museum is asking for €100,000 in donations to resto...

Puppy trafficking ring that allegedly docked ears uncovered in Italy

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Italian police have uncovered a puppy trafficking ring which involved vets allegedly docking their ears and tails to make them more attractive to foreign buyers. Police in Ancona are investigating 40 persone, among the...

Dog-bite Britain: the problem with the pandemic puppy explosion

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Annie Forman’s cockapoo was not a pandemic puppy, but she became one: a furry lifebuoy to cling to during the first lockdown. Forman, 28, a receptionist at a GP surgery in a small Devon town, had grown up with dogs. T ...