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Schools in poorest areas of England to be worst hit by pupil premium change

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Schools in the poorest parts of England are set to be hit hardest by a controversial change in how the government allocates pupil premium funding, the Observer can reveal. Normally, the government gives the funding to...

Per pupil spending in English schools to fall to under 2009-10 levels – IFS

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The government will spend less on school pupils in England next year than it did in 2009-10 despite a recent £7bn funding boost, according to a report warning that the austerity-era spending squeeze still persists. To...

Covid-related pupil absences in England jump to 840,000

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The number of pupils absent from schools in England for Covid-related reasons is at its highest since schools fully reopened in March, with almost 840,000 children out of class last week, according to official governm...

V&A East director to cycle to 250 London schools to encourage pupil visits

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Young people will be encouraged to make the new V&A East space their own by its director, who plans to cycle to every school in the four London boroughs that surround the venue. Gus Casely-Hayford said he wanted t...

Bristol pupil died of sepsis on US trip ‘after telling teachers she felt unwell’

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A teenager died from sepsis on a school trip to New York after telling teachers she felt unwell, an inquest heard. Ana Uglow, 17, a student at Bristol grammar school, was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai West hospital i...

Pupil wellbeing must be priority, teachers say as classrooms in England reopen

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Schools will prioritise pupils’ emotional and physical needs when classrooms fully reopen tomorrow, as two major reports warn of a crisis in children’s wellbeing and in the opportunities to play with their friends. H...