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Ervaring: I got pulled into a conveyor belt by my scarf

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I had worked on and off at Argos when they needed seasonal staff since I was 17. By Christmas 2007 ek was 21, and I’d picked up regular shifts again. It was December in East Kilbride, and that means it was cold. On thi...

‘Serious concerns’: UK education row as Israel-Palestine textbooks pulled

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The government has warned schools to ensure a balanced presentation of opposing views on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which claimed more than 250 lives last month and sparked a wave of classroom protests...

Palestinian girl, ses, pulled alive from rubble after airstrike demolishes her home – video

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A six-year-old Palestinian girl was found deep inside a pile of rubble after her home was destroyed by an Israeli strike in Gaza that killed her mother and all four of her siblings. Suzy Eshkuntana, trapped for seven ...

‘This happens in Brazil, not Britain’: academics in despair as global research funds pulled

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When Alison Phipps, of Glasgow University, launched a new programme of grants for small community organisations working to tackle violence against women and girls in some of the world’s poorest countries, she had no i...

Oggendpos: accused minister to speak, Brazil variant fears, Dr Seuss pulled

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Hallo! It’s Wednesday 3 Maart, and today we’re awaiting the minister at the centre of a rape allegation to come forward. We’re also bringing you news that Chinese-Australians are facing discrimination due to Covid and...