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BBC rejects complaints that it published transphobic article

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The BBC has rejected complaints that it published a transphobic article and has instead given a commitment to covering different viewpoints in the name of impartiality. The corporation has faced protests outside some ...

Finale inspekteur Montalbano -roman, jare gelede klaargemaak het, word in die Verenigde Koninkryk gepubliseer

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Die laaste roman in Andrea Camilleri se geliefde Inspector Montalbano -raaiselreeks word Donderdag gepubliseer - maar die ontslape skrywer het dit eintlik vyf jaar gelede voltooi, om te verhoed dat die verhaal van sy speurder voortduur ...

Handwritten manuscript of The Grapes of Wrath to be published for the first time

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The handwritten manuscript of John Steinbeck’s masterpiece The Grapes of Wrath, complete with the swearwords excised from the published novel and revealing the urgency with which the author wrote, is to be published f...

Laat u foto's op die briewe van die Guardian verskyn

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Ons wil graag 'n paar van die beste van u fotografie in die Guardian -papier uitlig. Sedert 2014 ons briewe -bladsy bevat ongelooflike beelde wat lesers gedeel het: sommige van hulle is nuuswaardig, ander meer abstrak. ...

Newly discovered Tennessee Williams story published for the first time

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As soon as he crossed the border into Italy, Tennessee Williams found his health was “magically restored”. “There was the sun and there were the smiling Italians,” wrote the author of A Streetcar Named Desire in his m...

Not even published, already damned – why are people running scared of Prince Harry’s memoir?

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Not since criminals were barred from profiting in this way can a publisher’s announcement of a memoir have united the British press in such disgust. Before that, even the gangster turned memoirist, “Mad” Frankie Frase...

Geen 10 race adviser resigns day after UK structural racism report published

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Boris Johnson’s adviser on race has resigned, dit het na vore gekom, the day after the government released a controversial report downplaying structural racism in the UK. Samuel Kasumu, No 10’s special adviser for civil soci...

‘Moment of reckoningfor UK schools as 5,800 accounts of abuse published

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Campaign website Everyone’s Invited reveals the extent of sexual abuse and harassment in schools and universities And the stories keep coming. At the end of this week more than 5,800 anonymous testimonials cataloguing...

Boris Johnson lays out future UK foreign policy in Commons as defence review publishedlive

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Nuutste opdaterings: PM makes statement to MPs as defence review will lift cap on number of nuclear warheads