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BBC to publish internal investigation into Tim Westwood allegations

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The BBC has said it will publish an internal investigation into bullying and sexual misconduct allegations against radio presenter, Tim Westwood, within the next two weeks. The DJ, who was a BBC radio presenter for al...

Palace will not publish review into handling of Meghan bullying claims

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A Buckingham Palace investigation into the handling of bullying allegations made by staff against the Duchess of Sussex will not be published due to “confidentiality” obligations, a senior palace source has said. los ...

Angela Rayner: "Le rogué a Mail on Sunday que no publicara la historia de Basic Instinct"

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Angela Rayner ha revelado que le rogó al Mail el domingo que no publicara una historia que afirmaba que un parlamentario conservador la comparó con el personaje de Instinto básico., diciendo que los comentarios "clasistas" en el artículo eran despectivos sobre....

Legal scholars publish letter calling for Stephen Breyer to retire from supreme court

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Un grupo de 18 legal academics has issued an extraordinary joint letter urging the US supreme court justice Stephen Breyer to retire so that Joe Biden can name his successor. The intervention came after Mitch McConnell...

Publish figures on long Covid to show ‘untold suffering’, MPs urge

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The number of people suffering with long Covid should be published routinely, as happens with those infected with or hospitalised with coronavirus, MPs and peers are urging Boris Johnson. The cross-party group of parl...