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Ukrainian English-language newspaper Kyiv Post suspends publication

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Ukraine’s oldest English-language newspaper the Kyiv Post has suspended publication after 26 years as its journalists accused the owner, a powerful oligarch, of “attacking” them. Adnan Kivan, a construction tycoon who...

And then there were two: novel thought to have inspired Agatha Christie gets UK publication

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A group of guests are invited to a party but, when they arrive, their mysterious host tells them by broadcast that they will all die by morning. This is not in fact the well-known plot of Agatha Christie’s And Then Th...

Publication delayed of epic history book amended after being called ‘too white’

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Billed as an “epic exploration of who writes about the past”, The History Makers was due out this Friday before being serialised on Radio 4 in the UK. But publication has been postponed at the last minute amid bitter ...

Cabinet Office blocks publication of Lord Mountbatten’s diaries

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When the diaries and letters of Lord and Lady Mountbatten were “saved for the nation” in 2010, it should have created an invaluable public resource. Anziché, a writer has spent four years and £250,000 of his own money...