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Britain’s public sector is paying the price for the government’s consultancy habit

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When he was leader of the opposition, David Cameron did not mince his criticism of the Labour government’s dependency on consultancy companies. Speaking in 2008, he lambasted how, “for the last decade or so, in the na...

Pollution is damaging UK rivers more than public thinks, il rapporto dice

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Rivers, streams and freshwater marshes across England, Wales and Northern Ireland are being devastated by diffuse agricultural pollution and sewage, secondo un nuovo rapporto. Despite only 14% of English rivers meeti...

Chicago public school students return amid bus shortages and safety concerns

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Across the United States, schools are attempting to transition millions of students back to in-person classrooms after more than a year of virtual schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic. But the gigantic shift is stil...

Vaccination will be compulsory for more than half of NSW’s public sector workers. But not for our parliament

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More than half of New South Wales public sector employees – police, teachers and health workers – will require proof of vaccination to work in NSW. But their boss, Gladys Berejiklian, has steadfastly refused to embrac...

Public inquiry begins into plans for new coalmine in Cumbria

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There is dwindling support for proposals to build the UK’s first deep coalmine in 30 years in Cumbria, say campaigners, as a public inquiry into the mining plans gets under way. The plans attracted opposition earlier ...

Victoria to become first Australian state to ban public display of Nazi symbols

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Victoria will become the first Australian state or territory to ban the public display of Nazi symbols. The proposed laws, expected to be introduced to state parliament in the first half of 2022 with bipartisan suppor...

Police at Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow to get public order training

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Thousands of officers will receive public order training in the run-up to the Cop26 summit in Glasgow in November, Police Scotland has said. Di 10,000 officers from around the UK will be deployed each day of the cl...

Is the anxiety over New York schools reopening about public health – or politics?

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There are another two weeks on the clock until state schools go back in New York, and the temperature around Covid discourse is changing. Teachers will be required to be vaccinated; the kids will be masked; and random...

David Beckham’s soccer club accused of breaking deal to build Florida public park

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David Beckham’s Florida soccer club has been accused of reneging on a promise to build community sports facilities and a recreational park on public land around its $160m stadium in Fort Lauderdale. UN 2019 deal betwee...

Scotland to hold its own coronavirus public inquiry by end of year

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The Scottish government will hold its own public inquiry into the handling of the coronavirus pandemic by the end of the year, after pressure from relatives who lost loved ones to the virus. The announcement came afte...

The real challenges for Rishi Sunak lie ahead despite drop in public borrowing

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There is good news for Rishi Sunak in the latest public borrowing figures. But there is trouble ahead for the chancellor as he considers how much money to give government departments in his three-year spending review....

The US public schools redesigning buildings with climate in mind

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American schools are the second-largest public infrastructure investment. But what most people don’t know is that they are also among the biggest energy consumers in the public sector. K-12 schools consume about 8% of...

Joe Biden faces calls to make public address on Afghanistan – live

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Deputy national security adviser calls alarming images from Afghan capital ‘very serious’ and insists Biden remains ‘deeply engaged’

Police and prison guards much less vaccinated than California public, analysis shows

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Several major California law enforcement agencies are reporting Covid-19 vaccination rates that are significantly lower than those of the general population, and seven state prisons have disclosed that less than a thi...

‘This is a public health issue’: can Covid-era music festivals ever be safe?

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It could have been an image from 2019 – a sea of mostly unmasked faces, shoulder to shoulder, singing to live music in Chicago’s Grant Park. The mass gathering of about 100,000 people daily for Lollapalooza 2021, one ...

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