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UK public sector workers: how do you feel about the pay freeze being lifted?

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Millions of public sector workers will have their pay freeze lifted as the chancellor prepares to make an announcement during the autumn budget on Wednesday. We would like to hear what you think about the change and h...

Rishi Sunak to scrap public sector pay freeze in autumn budget

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Rishi Sunak will end the public sector pay freeze for million of workers and increase the national minimum wage in the budget on Wednesday, though economists warned the measures would not compensate for inflation rise...

Facebook boss ‘not willing to protect public from harm’

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The Facebook whistleblower whose revelations have tipped the social media giant into crisis has launched a stinging new criticism of Mark Zuckerberg, saying he has not shown any readiness to protect the public from th...

US public health in crisis as Covid prompts curbs on officials’ powers

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More than half of US states have introduced new laws to restrict public health actions, including policies requiring quarantine or isolation and mandating vaccines or masks. Between the new laws and the massive workfo...

UK public borrowing falls despite fuel crisis and supply chain issues

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Government borrowing fell at a faster than expected rate in September as the furlough scheme came to an end and tax receipts recovered strongly. Figures published by the Office for National Statistics show borrowing f...

Less than a third of UK public would support a Saudi Arabia trade deal

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Less than a third of the UK public would support a trade deal with Saudi Arabia, data published by the government has revealed as the foreign secretary, Liz Truss, meets senior figures in the oil-rich state. Truss is ...

UK public warms to road pricing as fuel duty replacement considered

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Road pricing is seen as a fairer possible system to raise revenue than fuel duty and motoring taxes, thinktank research has found. The switch to electric cars means almost £30bn in fuel duty raised annually for the Tr...

Sunak expected to confirm end to public sector pay freeze

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Rishi Sunak is set to confirm that the “pause” on public sector pay that affected 2.6 million teachers, police and civil servants will be lifted in April, as the economy bounces back from Covid. The chancellor imposed...

Public urged to retake Covid tests after false negatives in Berkshire

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Members of the public have been urged to book for further testing after some PCR tests at a government-run site in Berkshire resulted in false negatives. West Berkshire council said in a statement some of the tests at...

Facebook rule protects journalists and activists as ‘involuntary’ public figures

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Facebook will count activists and journalists as “involuntary” public figures and so increase protections against harassment and bullying targeted at these groups, its global safety chief said in an interview this wee...

Why are foxhunters exempt from the Tories’ ‘public order’ crackdown?

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Something is going badly wrong in the countryside. For years, despite abundant video evidence, bloodsports enthusiasts have intimidated and attacked people who criticise and seek to monitor them, with apparent impunit...

Die woede van Priti Patel toe Johnson die wet op openbare seksuele teistering blokkeer

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Boris Johnson het die huissekretaris woedend gemaak deur pogings om openbare seksuele teistering tot 'n misdaad te maak, te weier. Dit het by die binnelandse kantoor kommer veroorsaak dat die premier die kwessie as 'n "wolffluit" beskou..

Getting public transport to work much harder in north of England

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Workers living in northern England can access far fewer local jobs on public transport than those living in the south, according to a damning new report that will increase pressure on Boris Johnson to deliver on his “...

Facebook is putting profit before public good, says whistleblower Frances Haugen

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Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen came forward as the whistleblower who leaked a cache of internal documents to the Wall Street Journal, days before she is set to testify before US lawmakers. In an interview wit...

Groter Manchester: official concerns raised about public safety amid police failings

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Inspectors say they are “concerned about public safety in Greater Manchester” after finding that the region’s police force was failing to support vulnerable victims of crime – four years after the alarm was first rais...

‘I’ve been waiting so long’: 007 fans await first public screening – at midnight

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For a film spanning 163 minutes – the longest James Bond movie ever made – it takes serious dedication to watch it at a midweek midnight showing. But the 007 fans outside Birmingham’s Odeon cinema on Wednesday night w...

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