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The Lost Daughter review – Olivia Colman lights up Elena Ferrante psychodrama

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Olivia Colman gives a powerhouse turn in The Lost Daughter, prickly and combustible as Leda Caruso, a middle-aged languages professor on a working holiday in Greece. In flight from her past, possibly from herself, she...

The Two Character Play review – hermetic sibling psychodrama

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There is something bracing about this revival of Tennessee Williams’s 1967 play, which had its world premiere at the Hampstead theatre that year. Williams called it “my most beautiful play since Streetcar” but unlike ...

Every Breath You Take review – Casey Affleck fires blanks in trashy psychodrama

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In Manchester By the Sea, Casey Affleck gave a heart-rending performance as a father emotionally paralysed by the death of his young children; at times barely moving his features, he suggested the rage and grief swell...

Second Place by Rachel Cusk review – psychodrama in the shape of a social comedy

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Rachel Cusk’s Outline trilogy essentially took the form of a string of monologues heard by a silhouetted but recognisably Cusk-like narrator as she teaches writing, renovates her flat and embarks on a book tour. As we...