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Internet providers tracking sites we visit in secretive trial

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Two internet providers are tracking and collecting the websites visited by their customers as part of a secretive Home Office trial, designed to work out if a national bulk surveillance system would be useful for nati...

Supreme court rules Texas abortion providers can sue over ban but won’t stop law

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The supreme court ruled on Friday that Texas abortion providers can sue over the state’s ban on most abortions, but the justices are allowing the law, the strictest such regulation in America to date, to remain in ef...

One in six jobs lost: the effect of the pandemic on childcare providers

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As parents have missed or left work for childcare demands, facilities have seen a drop in attendance, and therefore, incomeCarolyn Todd and her two sisters didn’t enter the childcare business for the money – when they...

Funeral providers imposing ‘unnecessarypandemic-related restrictions

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Unnecessary pandemic-related restrictions by some funeral providers are preventing the bereaved from visiting the dead or carrying out their loved ones’ last wishes, according to grieving families. The family of grand...

‘Cowboy’ providers could lose approval to sell PCR travel tests

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Più di 80 private Covid-19 testing companies could lose government approval to sell PCR travel tests following a review by ministers into misleading costs from “cowboy” providers. The Department of Health and Socia...

Non-NHS healthcare providers given £96bn in a decade, dice Labour

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More than £96bn of health service funding has gone to non-NHS providers of care over the last decade, including private firms such as Virgin Care, la ricerca ha rivelato. The amount of money flowing out of the NHS in E...

La politica dell'Australia vive: four states on edge as Covid cases rise and bold plan for vaccination providers flagged

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Mystery infections emerge in Victoria and Western Australia; dieticians, midwives could bolster vaccine rollout program. Segui tutte le news del giorno

Funeral plans: government urged to set up fund for victims of failed providers

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The government has been urged to set up an emergency fund to help victims of failed funeral companies, after a recent collapse of a firm left 46,000 people facing losses. Nel mese di marzo, Safe Hands collapsed into administra...

Almost half of home care providers across Australia to increase fees after new rules on carer pay

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The aged care sector is warning almost half of the nation’s home care providers will be increasing fees by up to 20% after a new two-hour minimum shift for carers comes into force on Friday, prompting complaints from ...

‘I feel angry and incredibly motivated’: US abortion providers consider options for fighting back

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La settimana scorsa, Dr Maya Bass, a family physician, was on a call with the medical director of Trust Women, one of four abortion clinics in Oklahoma. They were scrambling to figure out how to keep their doors open after the ...

Jobseeker forced to travel 60km to Workforce providers to keep welfare payments

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A man living in regional Victoria has been told to attend job agency appointments more than 60km away under the federal government’s new $1.5bn-a-year Workforce Australia program. And another jobseeker, who has lived ...

Abortion providers flock to New Mexico – and ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ follow

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Originally published by the 19th With Roe v Wade overturned, abortion providers are flocking to New Mexico, one of the largest south-western states that protects abortion access. So-called “crisis pregnancy centers” a...

What is a windfall tax and will it be extended to UK energy providers?

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Interest in a windfall tax on electricity generation companies has re-emerged after industry executives met the chancellor, Zahawi rivedrà il tutoraggio di recupero di Covid dopo le critiche al fornitore, and the business secretary, La decisione quasi giudiziaria sull'approvazione del controverso interconnettore elettrico sottomarino di Fedotov è stata presa dal segretario agli affari, di giovedì. The former chancellor...