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Jeff Bezos’s date with Boris Johnson didn’t prove all that taxing

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'Kyk, you can fake it everywhere else, maybe try it in Los Angeles, but they’ll eat you alive in New York.” That’s a piece of advice Jennifer Arcuri says she once gave Boris Johnson. It doesn’t seem like he took it b...

Joke theft is as old as comedy itself – and not easy to prove

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The most notable thing about the plagiarism row raging between Kae Kurd and Darius Davies is that it’s heading for the courts. Joke theft is as old as comedy, the rancorous underbelly to an industry that presents itse...

10 Quick Questions: glued to Australia’s Covid-19 press conferences? Prove it

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Australians the country over have adopted a dark and destructive pastime. It may be vital to our very survival, but overindulge and you will find yourself a nervous wreck, rocking back and forth, or – even worse – fal...

José Mourinho out to prove he can rediscover art of winning at Roma

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How many managers could inspire a mural before taking charge of their first game? José Mourinho was not even officially in the job yet at Roma when the street artist Harry Greb depicted his likeness on to a wall in th...

Kanaal 4 privatisation proposal: ‘This could prove irreversible’

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When the government decided to abandon its most recent attempt to privatise Channel 4 the rationale given was that the broadcaster was a “precious public asset”, a view backed up with the promise that it would “contin...

Ollie Robinson’s offensive tweets prove English cricket still has much to learn

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The clouds blew over Lord’s midway through the afternoon, when Ollie Robinson was deep into his second spell. He had bowled well, had won his first Test wicket that morning when he made Tom Latham play on, and was wor...

Will 29 seconds of the Madrid derby prove the most important this season?

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In the Bumper Book of Things You Just Knew Would Happen, this was Chapter One and the less time there was for it to happen, the more you knew it would; the more they knew it could too, which might be part of the reaso...