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Victoria and NSW Covid lockdown protests: violent clashes as police arrest demonstrators

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Victoria police arrested 235 protesters and three officers remained in hospital on Saturday evening following violent anti-lockdown demonstrations in Melbourne’s inner city. As the state recorded 535 new cases and one...

Extinction Rebellion eyes shift in tactics as police crack down on protests

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When police drew batons and scaled a vintage open-top bus in London Bridge on Tuesday, it symbolised a dramatic shift in the state’s approach to Extinction Rebellion. Police officers smashed windows on the bus and wre...

WWF office sit-in enters second day as XR keeps up London protests

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An occupation of the offices of the environmental group WWF by a protest in solidarity with indigenous people in Africa has continued into its second day, as Extinction Rebellion’s actions continued in London on a sma...

‘Open season on media’: journalists increasingly targeted at Los Angeles protests

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Los Angeles has seen volatile protests almost every weekend this summer over trans rights, political opposition to masks and vaccines, and the recall of the Democratic governor. At least seven journalists have been ph...

Covid Australia live news update: Victoria reports 61 new cases and considers statewide lockdown as NSW police move to block protests

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Più di 1,500 police to be stationed around Sydney CBD as Shepparton outbreak continues to grow in regional Victoria

Police unswayed by road-block ruling ahead of London climate protests

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Police preparing for a new campaign of Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests in London have said they will not be deterred by a recent supreme court ruling that obstruction can be a legitimate and lawful form of protest....

Hong Kong group behind major pro-democracy protests disbands amid police pressure

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A major civil society group that was behind some of Hong Kong’s biggest protests has disbanded under increasing pressure from police. The Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) announced its closure on Sunday, saying no memb...

Piani per 190 appartamenti sul sito del London Latin Village demoliti dopo le proteste

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Gli attivisti che cercano di salvare l'unico mercato latino sopravvissuto di Londra hanno rivendicato una vittoria dopo che lo sviluppatore dietro un piano residenziale multimilionario per il sito si è ritirato. Grainger giovedì ha annunciato che era ab...

Church bells in Catalan town chime again after residents’ pot-banging protests

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After a series of raucous protests involving pots and pans, residents in a small Catalan town near Barcelona have won a victory in their bid to do away with the nightly silence imposed on the town to appease tourists....

Hundreds arrested in Berlin protests against Covid restrictions

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Più di 600 people have been arrested after participating in protests against the German government’s coronavirus measures, officials have said. Di 13 separate demonstrations took place around Berlin on Sunday, d...

Israele: protests against renewed Covid restrictions as cases hit highest in months

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Several hundred Israelis have demonstrated in Tel Aviv against new coronavirus restrictions and vaccination as positive cases and hospitalisations rise to levels not seen in months. The health ministry reported on Sat...

Sheila Jackson Lee is third Black lawmaker to be arrested during voting rights protests

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Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democratic representative of Texas, was arrested in Washington DC on Thursday while protesting lawmakers’ delay in passing legislation to protect voting rights, becoming the third member of the C...

Coronavirus live: UK airports set for busiest weekend since pandemic; clashes at Sydney anti-lockdown protests

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Thousands of travellers will leave the UK this weekend as school holidays begin for millions

Thousands gather across Australia in anti-lockdown protests – video

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Anti-lockdown protesters have marched in major Australian cities, as Covid cases spiked to record numbers in Sydney and authorities warned of a 'continuing and growing problem'. Thousands of angry, unmasked people mar...

Anti-lockdown protests across Australia as Covid cases surge to record levels in Sydney

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Anti-lockdown protesters have marched in major Australian cities, as Covid cases spiked to record numbers in Sydney and authorities warned of a “continuing and growing problem”. Thousands of angry, unmasked people mar...

‘A fundamental right’: Dina Asher-Smith urges Games to allow podium protests

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Dina Asher-Smith has evoked the spirit of Tommie Smith’s and John Carlos’s black power salute as she insisted it would be a mistake for Games organisers to sanction any athlete protesting against racism at the Tokyo O...

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