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Thai student accused of mocking king with crop top protest denied bail

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It was last December that Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul, a Thai student activist, and her friends strolled into a shopping mall in Bangkok wearing crop tops. They ate ice cream and carried dog-shaped balloons. Phrases ...

‘I want my freedom back’: thousands protest against Covid lockdown in Austria – video

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Thousands of people gathered in central Vienna to protest against new tough pandemic measures in Austria. Whistling, clapping, blowing horns and banging drums, protesters – many of them far-right supporters – streamed...

Rotterdam police open fire as Covid protest turns violent

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Police in Rotterdam have fired warning shots, injuring protesters, as riots broke out in central Rotterdam at a demonstration against government plans to restrict access for unvaccinated people to some venues. Polizia ...

Why do so many people hate Insulate Britain? Inside the controversial protest movement

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Guardian reporter Damien Gayle spent two months with the environmental campaigners Insulate Britain as they blocked motorways, glued themselves to road networks, got arrested multiple times and defied injunctions bann...

Israeli ambassador rushed from LSE event amid Palestine protest – video

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The Israeli ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, was rushed to her car by bodyguards after a large crowd of protesters gathered outside a London School of Economics event she was addressing. Footage shows activists j...

Patel sostiene le indagini della polizia sulla protesta della LSE contro l'ambasciatore israeliano

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Priti Patel, il ministro degli Interni del Regno Unito, ha fornito supporto a un'indagine della polizia sulle proteste di martedì sera fuori dalla London School of Economics che hanno portato l'ambasciatore israeliano a essere portato via a velocità con pesanti ...

Two boys arrested after police attacked at Northern Ireland protocol protest

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Two boys aged 12 e 15 have been arrested on suspicion of riotous behaviour after police came under attack after a protest against the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol in Belfast. Police described the scenes on Wedne...

Attivisti polacchi protestano dopo la morte di una donna a seguito della severa legge sull'aborto

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Un ospedale polacco ha affermato che medici e ostetriche hanno fatto tutto il possibile per salvare la vita di una donna incinta e del suo feto in un caso che ha messo sotto i riflettori la nuova legge più severa sull'aborto.. Il ...

I manifestanti scendono in piazza in tutto il Regno Unito per protestare contro l'"aumento dell'epidemia"

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Enormi folle di persone in tutto il Regno Unito sono scese in piazza mercoledì sera, boicottaggio dei locali notturni nelle proteste contro un forte aumento dei casi di picco. Ci sono state manifestazioni in più di 40 città e città universitarie...

Macron: crackdown on 1961 Algerian protest ‘unforgivable’

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Emmanuel Macron has described a bloody police crackdown on Algerian anti-war demonstrators 60 years ago that led to many deaths as an “unforgivable” crime. Attending a memorial for those killed, Macron laid flowers at...

Only noisy protest makes politicians take action to avoid climate catastrophe

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The home secretary, Priti Patel, announced a string of new measures this week to restrict protests deemed to cause “noise and nuisance”. But such things have long been necessary features in fights for social change. T ...

Aggiornamento delle notizie in diretta sull'Australia Covid: NSW faces bumpy road to freedom; Melbourne protest police test positive

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Doctors, teachers and business air concerns before NSW restrictions eased; frontline Melbourne police infected at recent protests. Segui in diretta tutte le news del giorno

I gruppi per le libertà civili criticano il piano di Priti Patel per criminalizzare la protesta

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Civil liberties groups have reacted with dismay to Priti Patel’s plan to criminalise protest groups, dicendo che le manifestazioni sono un "pilastro fondamentale di ogni sana democrazia". The home secretary indicated that she plans to p...

‘My art is a protest’: disrupting ideas about black people in British rural areas

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Growing up as one of the only black pupils at her primary school in Norwich, Madinah Farhannah Thompson says she felt isolated and that it affected her mental health. Now the artist is using her complicated experience...

Philippines’ youth call for systemic change at climate protest

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A monstrous effigy of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte was paraded through the country’s capital Manila on Friday as protesters joined a worldwide youth climate action. About a hundred young people wearing masks g...

Judge issues protest warning as Paralympian jailed for plane stunt

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A British Paralympic gold medallist has been jailed for a year for glueing himself to the roof of a passenger jet in an Extinction Rebellion protest – the first custodial sentence for any action linked to the group. X...

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