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Macron: crackdown on 1961 Algerian protest ‘unforgivable’

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Emmanuel Macron has described a bloody police crackdown on Algerian anti-war demonstrators 60 years ago that led to many deaths as an “unforgivable” crime. Attending a memorial for those killed, Macron laid flowers at...

Only noisy protest makes politicians take action to avoid climate catastrophe

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El secretario de interior, Priti Patel, announced a string of new measures this week to restrict protests deemed to cause “noise and nuisance”. But such things have long been necessary features in fights for social change. T ...

Actualización de noticias en vivo de Covid de Australia: Nueva Gales del Sur enfrenta un camino lleno de baches hacia la libertad; Melbourne prueba policía de protesta positiva

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Doctores, preocupaciones de los maestros y del aire comercial antes de que se suavizaran las restricciones de Nueva Gales del Sur; policía de Melbourne de primera línea infectada en protestas recientes. Siga todas las noticias del día en directo

Civil liberties groups criticise Priti Patel’s plan to criminalise protest

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Civil liberties groups have reacted with dismay to Priti Patel’s plan to criminalise protest groups, saying demonstrations are a “core pillar of any healthy democracy”. The home secretary indicated that she plans to p...

‘My art is a protest’: disrupting ideas about black people in British rural areas

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Growing up as one of the only black pupils at her primary school in Norwich, Madinah Farhannah Thompson says she felt isolated and that it affected her mental health. Now the artist is using her complicated experience...

Philippines’ youth call for systemic change at climate protest

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A monstrous effigy of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte was paraded through the country’s capital Manila on Friday as protesters joined a worldwide youth climate action. About a hundred young people wearing masks g...

Judge issues protest warning as Paralympian jailed for plane stunt

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A British Paralympic gold medallist has been jailed for a year for glueing himself to the roof of a passenger jet in an Extinction Rebellion protest – the first custodial sentence for any action linked to the group. X...

Reporter faces violence as construction workers protest vaccination mandate in Melbourne – video

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Hundreds of protesters march through Melbourne's CBD after Victoria’s construction industry was ordered to shut down. Among them are construction workers and, according to some reports, members of the far right. The s...

Victoria set to shut down construction for two weeks after anti-vaccine mandate protest

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The Victorian government is set to announce a two-week shutdown of the construction industry after a protest against mandatory vaccines for workers in the sector became violent. The closure across metropolitan Melbour...

#DoNotToouchMyClothes: Las redes sociales de mujeres afganas protestan contra los talibanes

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Después de las manifestaciones callejeras en las principales ciudades de Afganistán, Las mujeres ahora han recurrido a las redes sociales para protestar contra las políticas de línea dura de los talibanes hacia ellas.. Una campaña en línea ha visto a mujeres afganas en todo el ....

Can I Live? review – privilege, protest and the climate crisis

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There is a moment in Fehinti Balogun’s one-hour show when he recalls finding himself in a room full of climate activists with not one face that looks like his. The protest group Extinction Rebellion has certainly been...

Anti-logging protest becomes Canada’s biggest ever act of civil disobedience

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A string of protests against old-growth logging in western Canada have become the biggest act of civil disobedience in the country’s history, with the arrest of least 866 people since April. The bitter fight over the ...

Chile protest leader reveals he lied about having cancer

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Chile’s efforts to rewrite its Pinochet-era constitution have been rocked by the revelation that one of its most prominent members has been lying about his very public battle with cancer. Rodrigo Rojas Vade, 37, admit...

Extinction Rebellion protesters break bail terms for City protest

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Dozens of Extinction Rebellion activists have carried out a mass act of non-violent civil disobedience by breaking bail conditions ordering them to stay away from the City of London financial district. The activists j...

Thousands protest against Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions – video

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An anti-lockdown protest held in Melbourne on Saturday was one of the most violent the city has had in 20 años, Victoria’s top police officer says.Thousands gathered in the streets leading to more than 200 arrests an...

Portland officials and progressives unite to oppose far-right protest

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A united front against far-right groups appeared to be paying off for authorities and progressive groups in Portland, Oregón, ahead of a planned protest on Sunday. Faced by a coalition which staged joint events on F...

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