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When will Democrats do their job and protect Black people’s right to vote?

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Voting rights are under assault by Republican state lawmakers, clearly afraid of the power of the Black electorate and empowered by the gutting of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act. The federal response, or lack the...

Die Australiese regering se plan om Great Barrier Reef te beskerm skiet te kort, omgewingsgroepe sê

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Die Morrison-regering het 'n opdatering vrygestel van Australië se hoeksteenbeleid om die Great Barrier Reef te beskerm terwyl dit probeer keer dat die see-ikoon op 'n lys van wêrelderfenisterreine in gevaar geplaas word. Omgewing...

A booster may help protect you from Omicron – but it won’t end the pandemic

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First there was Alpha, then Beta, Gamma and Delta. Nou, thanks to the tremendous efforts of scientists in sub-Saharan Africa, the world is getting to grips with the Omicron variant. This new variant of Covid-19 has a ...

Covid jingoism will not protect the west from the threat of Omicron

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A friend’s grandmother once told me a story about her late husband’s English golf club. It was the 1960s, and she was having a drink on the club’s terrace with some of the other wives. The men played golf on the links...

The need to trespass: let people in to protect nature, says guerrilla botanist

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In a prehistoric bog where iguanodons once roamed and the early Britons first smelted ore into iron, what looks like a tiny orange candle peeps through the mire. It sends my companion into a paroxysm of joy. “That’s g...

We need to protect breastfeeding women from voyeurs – so why did the debate get so weird?

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new contender in the 2021 edition of Britain’s Most Embarrassing Politician! Lord Wolfson of Tredegar, an unelected life peer, recently graced us with his unfiltered thoughts on a propo...

888 app plan to protect women ‘sticking plaster that reinforces victim blaming’

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Labour and campaigners have criticised a government-backed proposal for a service to protect women travelling alone as “a sticking plaster solution” that fundamentally misunderstands the problem of violence against wo...

I’m sick of society telling women we must protect ourselves from violent men

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Here we go again. Every time a woman is a victim of male violence, there is a major public discussion on how they can “protect” themselves. Verlede week, a British police commissioner said that Sarah Everard, an English ...

Omgewingsagentskap moet meer doen om die seun te beskerm, 5, uit stortgasse, die hof beslis

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Die hooggeregshof het beslis dat die omgewingsagentskap meer moet doen om 'n vyfjarige seuntjie te beskerm teen stortgasse wat volgens dokters sy lewensverwagting verkort. In 'n geregtelike hersiening, namens Mathew R gebring..

Police urged to better protect black women who face domestic abuse

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The actor and writer Michaela Coel, the singer FKA twigs and the Women’s Equality party are among those backing calls to introduce mandatory training for police and agencies supporting black women who are victims of d...

DoJ vows to protect women seeking abortions in Texas

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Goeie more. The federal government will take action to protect women in Texas trying to obtain an abortion in the wake of the strictest anti-abortion law in the US taking effect last week, die prokureur-generaal, Merr...

DoJ vows to protect women seeking abortions in Texas after radical state ban

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US attorney general Merrick Garland announced on Monday that the federal government will take action to protect those in Texas trying to obtain an abortion in the wake of the strictest anti-abortion law in the US taki...

Vaccines on horseback: Fiji doctors take long and muddy road to protect remote villages from Covid

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To reach Nakida village in the highlands of Fiji, Dr Losalini Tabakei and her colleagues hiked for hours, up and down mountains, through forests, down muddy slopes, across rivers and along treacherous ridges with stee...

Buried Queensland government report found Adani plan to protect black-throated finch was ‘superficial’

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The Queensland government commissioned, mostly ignored, and then tried to keep secret the findings of an independent scientific panel that concluded Adani’s conservation plans for the endangered black-throated finch w...

The more children know of the natural world, the more they’ll want to protect it

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When the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report was published in early August, it confirmed what was already being made increasingly obvious by 2021’s extreme weather events: the burning of fossil fuels...

‘Protect these animals’: calls grow for tougher Australian pet food standards after 21 dog deaths

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Pash and Pebbles went off their food on the last Sunday in June. The retired greyhounds had been on a fresh meat diet since their racing days – Pash, whose black coat has turned silver in his old age, prefers his meat...

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