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Ukraine prosecutors ready to launch first war crimes trials of Russia conflict

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Three Russian prisoners of war accused of targeting or murdering civilians, and a soldier who allegedly killed a man before raping his wife, are set to be in the dock in the first war crimes trials of the Ukraine conf...

Will prosecutors pursue a new trial against a Black woman jailed for a voting error?

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Ciao, and happy Thursday, On Monday morning, I’ll be in Memphis, where Pamela Moses is set to make her first court appearance since having her six-year prison sentence for trying to register to vote overturned. Moses...

Laquan McDonald shooting: federal prosecutors will not charge officer

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Federal authorities on Monday said they would not criminally charge Jason Van Dyke, the former Chicago police officer convicted of murder in the 2014 shooting death of Laquan McDonald. The US attorney’s office in Chic...

‘Fake’ US federal agent claimed ties to Pakistani intelligence, prosecutors say

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One of two American men arrested in Washington for posing as US federal security officials and cultivating access to the Secret Service, which protects Joe Biden, claimed ties to Pakistani intelligence, a federal pros...

Prosecutors accuse China of campaign to spy on and harass dissidents in US

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US prosecutors have accused Chinese government agents of trying to spy on and intimidate dissidents living in the United States, including a congressional candidate, according to a criminal complaint unsealed in feder...

Russian prosecutors call for Alexei Navalny to serve 13 years in prison

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Russian prosecutors on Tuesday called for jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny to serve 13 years in prison on new fraud charges. Navalny, President Putin’s most vocal domestic critic, was jailed last year after surviv...

How a single case challenged the LA prosecutor’s reform agenda: ‘Nobody is happy’

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The Los Angeles district attorney’s handling of a sexual assault case and decision to backtrack on part of his reform agenda has caused political division and media outrage, in a case that signals the intensifying opp...

Key inquiry into Trump’s finances in jeopardy as two prosecutors resign

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One of the most aggressive criminal investigations against Donald Trump appears to be running into the sand after the two leading prosecutors in the Manhattan district attorney’s office investigating the former presid...

Serbian prosecutors reject claims Novak Djokovic used fake positive Covid tests

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Serbia’s state prosecutors on Wednesday rejected suggestions that Novak Djokovic used a fake positive test for Covid-19 to try to enter Australia and compete in the Australian Open. The prosecution office said in a st...

US prosecutors investigate Republicans who sent fake Trump electors to Congress

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Federal prosecutors have launched an investigation into the attempt by Republicans in seven presidential battleground states won by Joe Biden in 2020 to subvert the election result by sending bogus slates of Donald Tr...

Prosecutors willing to drop Ghislaine Maxwell perjury charge if no retrial

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If Ghislaine Maxwell is not granted a retrial in her Manhattan federal court sex trafficking case, prosecutors are prepared to drop pending perjury counts when she is sentenced, they said in a 10 January letter. Prose...

Sailor charged over fire that destroyed US warship ‘disgruntled’, prosecutors say

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Navy prosecutors have alleged that a sailor charged with setting the fire that destroyed the USS Bonhomme Richard last year was “disgruntled” after dropping out of Navy Seal training. Prosecutor Commander Richard Fe...

procuratori Maxwell: Foto "sessualizzata" di una ragazza esposta fuori dalla camera da letto di Epstein

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Una "fotografia sessualmente suggestiva di una ragazza molto giovane" è stata esposta fuori dalla camera da letto di Jeffrey Epstein nella sua villa di Palm Beach, venerdì hanno detto i pubblici ministeri nel processo per traffico sessuale di bambini di Ghislaine Maxwell. "Scuola...

Bill Cosby: prosecutors ask US supreme court to review case against comedian

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Prosecutors asked the US supreme court to review the ruling that overturned Bill Cosby’s conviction, arguing in a petition Monday that a decision announced in a press release does not give a defendant lifetime immunit...

Michael Cohen: prosecutors could ‘indict Trump tomorrow’ if they wanted

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Prosecutors in New York could “indict Donald Trump tomorrow if they really wanted and be successful”, the ex-president’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen said on Sunday, discussing investigations of Trump’s busin...

Le accuse del procuratore italiano contro il giornalista del Guardian segnalate dall'autorità per i diritti umani

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Due denunce per diffamazione da parte di un procuratore italiano leso contro un giornalista del Guardian sono state segnalate come potenziali atti di "molestie e intimidazioni" dello stato su un sistema di allerta gestito dal principale governo europeo sostenuto dal governo..

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