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Prosecutors accuse Derek Chauvin of killing George Floyd as trial starts

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Prosecutors accused former police officer Derek Chauvin of killing a defenceless George Floyd by “grinding and crushing him until the very breath, the very life, was squeezed out of him”, at the opening on Monday of a...

Man impersonated Trump relatives online to trick donors, los fiscales dicen

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A Pennsylvania man has been charged with creating fake online identities impersonating Donald Trump’s brother and youngest son, which he used to dupe hundreds of people nationwide into donating thousands of dollars to...

Kyle Rittenhouse ‘the only person who killed anyone’ in Kenosha unrest, los fiscales dicen

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The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse trial began on Tuesday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the 18-year-old is charged with killing two people and wounding one during unrest in the city last August. Prosecutors said that althou...

Ghislaine Maxwell faces new charges as US prosecutors expand criminal case

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US prosecutors have expanded their criminal case against British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, unveiling a new indictment adding charges of sex trafficking conspiracy and sex trafficking of a minor. Maxwell, the longti...

Michael Avenatti: fiscales buscan una larga pena de prisión para un abogado corrupto

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Los fiscales han instado a un juez a imponer una sentencia de prisión "muy sustancial" a Michael Avenatti por intentar extorsionar millones de dólares al gigante deportivo Nike.. Los fiscales señalaron en un tribunal federal de Manhattan..

Las denuncias de la fiscalía italiana contra el reportero de The Guardian señaladas por el organismo de control de derechos humanos

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Dos denuncias por difamación de un fiscal italiano agraviado contra un periodista de The Guardian han sido marcadas como posibles actos de "acoso e intimidación" del estado en un sistema de alerta gestionado por el líder europeo respaldado por el gobierno..

Capitol riot suspect’s ‘I Was There’ shirt helps confirm his role, los fiscales dicen

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If any of the Texas police officers who came to detain Capitol riot suspect Garret Miller were not sure they had the right man, the T-shirt they found him wearing offered something of a clue: it featured a photograph ...

Prosecutors examine claims Covid spread in Italy before official confirmation

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Italian prosecutors are examining fresh evidence that suggests coronavirus was spreading in the country weeks before the first case of local transmission was officially detected as criminal investigations continue int...

Michael Cohen: los fiscales podrían "acusar a Trump mañana" si quisieran

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Los fiscales de Nueva York podrían "acusar a Donald Trump mañana si realmente quisieran y tuvieran éxito", El ex abogado y reparador del ex presidente Michael Cohen dijo el domingo, discutiendo las investigaciones de los negocios de Trump..

Italian prosecutors secretly recorded human rights lawyers

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Prosecutors in Italy have secretly recorded hundreds of conversations between human rights lawyers and their clients in cases related to allegations that NGOs operating rescue boats that saved thousands from drowning ...

R Kelly had sexual contact with underage boy as well as girls, los fiscales dicen

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Federal prosecutors in R Kelly’s sex trafficking case say the R&B star had sexual contact with an underage boy as well as girls, and jurors should hear those claims. In a court filing on Friday, prosecutors aired...

Bill Cosby: prosecutors ask US supreme court to review case against comedian

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Prosecutors asked the US supreme court to review the ruling that overturned Bill Cosby’s conviction, arguing in a petition Monday that a decision announced in a press release does not give a defendant lifetime immunit...

Ghislaine Maxwell: prosecutors defend new indictment as July trial looms

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Prosecutors in the case of Ghislaine Maxwell have defended a late expansion of charges against her, saying it became necessary because a woman spoke after the Briton’s arrest about abuse at the hands of Jeffrey Epstei...

Spain prosecutors launch inquiry into mystery fish deaths

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Prosecutors in the southern Spanish region of Murcia have launched an investigation after hundreds of dead fish began washing up along the shores of one of Europe’s largest saltwater lagoons. Residents in the area sou...

Maxwell prosecutors: ‘sexualized’ photo of young girl displayed outside Epstein bedroom

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A “sexually suggestive photograph of a very young girl” was displayed outside Jeffrey Epstein’s bedroom at his Palm Beach mansion, prosecutors in Ghislaine Maxwell’s child-sex trafficking trial said on Friday. “School...

Turkish prosecutors seek jail terms for anti-government protesters

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Turkish prosecutors are seeking prison sentences for 97 people for taking part in one of the country’s biggest anti-government protest movements in years, sparked by the state appointment of a new rector at Istanbul’s...

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