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Action on sexual abuse images is overdue, but Apple’s proposals bring other dangers

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La semana pasada, Apple announced two backdoors in the US into the encryption that protects its devices. One will monitor iMessages: if any photos sent by or to under-13s seem to contain nudity, the user may be challenged an...

Propuestas del Ministerio del Interior sobre el envío de solicitantes de asilo al extranjero

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El secretario de interior, Priti Patel, publicará la legislación propuesta la próxima semana que abrirá la puerta al envío de solicitantes de asilo al extranjero mientras esperan el resultado de su solicitud de protección en el Reino Unido. Ministro...

Double-jabbed UK tourists could skip amber-list quarantine under proposals

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British travellers who have had two Covid vaccines could be allowed quarantine-free entry into England under plans being considered by ministers, el guardián entiende. As the government grapples with allowing more...

Train network proposals destined to go off the rails

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I do not agree with much of what Simon Jenkins says on the plans for a part-nationalised, part-privatised rail network (There’s nothing ‘great’ about this new British Railways revamp, 20 Mayo), but he is right that the...

The Guardian view on Patel’s asylum proposals: incoherent, unworkable and inhumane

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Over a year into the pandemic, you might feel the government had enough on its plate. Yet it is cynically manufacturing another crisis, at the expense of vulnerable people who have arrived here seeking refuge. Its asy...