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Voters will be asked to show identification to vote under Morrison government proposal

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All voters will be asked to present identification to vote under a Morrison government bill to crack down on alleged voter fraud. Die rekening, which passed the Coalition party room on Tuesday but is yet to be introduced ...

EU proposal to fund Turkey border control could lead to Syrian refugees’ forced return

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A proposal for the EU to fund controls at Turkey’s eastern border is “really problematic” and could lead to refugees being forced back into Syria, Iran and Iraq, critics have warned. According to a leaked plan seen by...

Hermitage Museum proposal divides Barcelona authorities

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Barcelona’s frequently agonised debates over how to market itself to tourists have taken another twist, after the city council rejected a scheme to open a branch of St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum in its port area. T ...

Unionized but impotent? Row erupts over gig workers’ labor proposal

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A huge controversy has erupted among labor unions after several unions joined with Uber and Lyft to develop legislation in New York State that would deliver on one of labor’s major goals: giving many gig workers a qui...

‘This is bigger than the sport’: Rhali Dobson scores, retires, then accepts marriage proposal from ill partner

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Melbourne City’s Rhali Dobson was left stunned but overjoyed when the final match of her distinguished soccer career had the most unexpected fairytale ending. Not only did the former Matilda score a goal as her side e...