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Should I use a buy-to-let property to pay off my student loan?

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Q I am a junior doctor working in the NHS and earning about £40,000 a year. I have managed to save about £50,000 after several years of working while living at home. I currently have a student loan of about £80,000 at...

Plan de propiedad de Westferry abandonado después de que el ministro rechazara la apelación

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Un esquema de propiedad que fue aprobado después de que su desarrollador se sentó junto a un ministro del gabinete en una recaudación de fondos conservadora finalmente se abandonó, dos años después de que discutieron el proyecto.. Los documentos revelaron que el mi ...

The moment WA police carry Cleo Smith to safety after she was found at Carnarvon property – video

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Western Australia police have released footage of Cleo Smith moments after she was found at a Carnarvon property. Det Sgt Cameron Blaine, who was one of four officers to raid the house, said the four-year-old was ener...

Exportaciones alemanas afectadas por la escasez; otro promotor inmobiliario chino incumple - business live

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Las expectativas de exportación alemanas caen al nivel más bajo desde febrero; La tierra moderna de China no paga la deuda, aumentando las preocupaciones sobre el sector inmobiliario

Propiedad, el pago y el poder regional podrían ser las claves para "subir de nivel"

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El tema tan discutido de "subir de nivel" (Editorial, 6 octubre) me deja sintiéndome irritado, con la implicación de que los que vivimos en el sur somos todos acomodados. Miembros de mi familia, en un viaje al norte o ...

Money from ‘world’s biggest bribe scandal’ invested in UK property

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They are the British-Iranian family behind what has been called the “world’s biggest bribe scandal”. Para 17 años, Cyrus Ahsani and his brother Saman Ahsani worked as fixers for multinationals such as Rolls-Royce, bri...

Shares in China property giant Evergrande suspended pending ‘major transaction’

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Trading in shares of debt-laden China Evergrande was suspended by the Hong Kong exchange on Monday after the enormous Chinese developer missed a key bond interest payment last week, its second offshore debt obligation...

King of Jordan hidden property empire worth more than $100m, Pandora papers reveal

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Jordanian security forces arrived unexpectedly at Moayyad al-Majali’s home one day in October 2019, detaining the lawyer, confiscating his laptop and phones and accusing him of one of the kingdom’s most serious offenc...

How fall of property giant Evergrande sent a shockwave through China

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En Mayo 2020, Chen (not his real name) decided to invest 300,000 yuan (£34,000) in property in the north-eastern Chinese city of Shenyang. “I thought the price was not too expensive and I had some extra money so I inve...

China property giant Evergrande admits debt crisis as protesters besiege HQ

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Property giant China Evergrande Group has said that it cannot sell properties and other assets fast enough to service its massive $300bn debts, and that its cashflow was under “tremendous pressure”. Only hours after a...

China property market rocked as giant Evergrande struggles to repay $300bn debts

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Shares in the embattled Chinese property giant Evergrande have slumped again after two credit downgrades in two days amid concerns that it will default on its massive $300bn debt pile. Evergrande, which is one of the ...

UK enjoys property sales boom amid Covid-19 pandemic

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Hard-to-sell homes are being snapped up by the hundred as Britain’s booming property market maintains a year-long breakneck sales record. In areas of high demand, even the most knocked-about and idiosyncratic houses a...

We had nowhere to go after our property vanished

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El pasado diciembre, I booked a property with for this summer’s holiday and paid £3,029. As the date approached, I was given a mobile phone number for the property owner to arrange key collection, but my texts ...

Tinie Tempah to present new Channel 4 property renovation programme

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Tinie Tempah is to present a new property programme on Channel 4 that will see him “follow some of the most audacious ‘dream home’ builds ever seen”, the broadcaster has said. The projects featured in Outrageous Exten...

Property fantasies are quickly ruined by reality

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My friend is trying to buy a flat in Bristol, and each time he sends me a link with a little question mark, I get a complicated rush. Looking at property websites has been an anti-pleasure of mine for many years now, ...

Persimmon reports 64% rise in profits fuelled by UK Covid property boom

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The housebuilder Persimmon has reported a 64% rise in profits for the first half of the year fuelled by Britain’s unlikely property market boom in the Covid-19 pandemic. The UK’s biggest housebuilder by market value s...

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