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La protección de los niños necesita recursos adecuados

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Si bien los servicios diseñados para proteger a Arthur Labinjo-Hughes estaban involucrados con la familia, aún no sabemos qué se podría haber hecho de otra manera para evitar su muerte; ese es el tema de una revisión de aprendizaje. No soy...

Adele is right – an unshuffled album is the proper way to listen

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When you are the most powerful, popular artist in the world, you can insist on anything. And so Adele has persuaded Spotify to hide its shuffle button, to encourage listeners to listen to her new album 30 - y, presu...

Sollozos y perspectiva adecuados – lo que aprendí cuando mi hija menor se fue de casa

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Este negocio de niños que dejan el hogar parece volverse cada vez más difícil. Mi primera experiencia fue cuando era niño., aunque sea de 19 años. Muy perturbador fue, también. Mis padres se fueron el fin de semana para evitar un ...

Proper old-style weddings are back – and they’ve been worth the wait

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I went to a wedding at the weekend. That shouldn’t be a remarkable statement, but of course it is. It’s been a strange summer: the promise of normal life returning hasn’t quite materialised. Instead it has felt tentat...

How to wear proper trousers

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For a good decade or so back there, it seemed like jeans had killed off trousers. Primero, the dark skinny jean replaced the black trouser as the goes‑with‑anything mainstay of getting dressed. Then white jeans became a...

A proper appreciation of arts degrees

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The idea that the arts do not matter as much as other subjects is not new (Editorial, 6 Mayo). When my daughter started her A-levels, the head of sixth form told her that it was time to give up her hobby (he meant play...

At last, I will be able to help bereaved people say a proper farewell at funerals

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As I stood outside the cemetery chapel, waiting for the bearers to begin the journey inside, I felt more than a little invested. The woman whose funeral I was about to lead was almost the same age as me. I knew, desde ...

Las muertes de personas con discapacidades de aprendizaje merecen un escrutinio adecuado

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El hallazgo crítico en la investigación sobre la muerte de Laura Booth genera preocupaciones alarmantes sobre el fallido sistema de investigación sobre las muertes de personas con discapacidades de aprendizaje. (Informe, 26 abril). Inicialmente, Laura ...

We need a proper debate about TV diversity, instead we get ludicrous arguments

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Luther first aired on BBC One more than a decade ago, yet it’s still the focus for debate about Black representation in British television. Por qué? Because it’s still one of a handful of examples of a major British drama...

Offering twice-weekly Covid tests is futile without proper support for self-isolators

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Esta semana, the government announced plans to give those living in England the opportunity to be tested twice a week in a bid to ease the country out of lockdown. Increased testing is a vital tool, but it is only effec...

For democracy to thrive, clashes between protesters and police require proper scrutiny

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After protests in Bristol turned sour last week, one account came out on top as numerous media outlets splashed on reports from Avon and Somerset police that injuries to officers included broken bones and a collapsed ...

Política del Reino Unido en vivo: Starmer demands ‘proper pay risefor NHS as he launches Labour’s campaign for May elections

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Últimas actualizaciones: party leader pledges to put NHS at the heart of campaign, along with ‘securing the economy and rebuilding Britain’