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New Zealand attack suspect ‘found with IS propaganda earlier this year’

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The man shot dead by police after stabbing six people in an Islamic State-inspired attack on Friday was reportedly sentenced by a New Zealand court earlier in the year for possessing IS propaganda that encouraged acts...

Hoe rassistiese propaganda het onluste in die grootste stede in Amerika geïnspireer

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In 1915 die president, Woodrow Wilson, vertoon die film Birth of a Nation in die Withuis - 'n film wat swart mans uitbeeld as brutale mense wat wit vroue begeer. Intussen skryf wit supremasistiese groepe ....

Hoe rassistiese propaganda onluste in die grootste stede in Amerika geïnspireer het - 360 video

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Honderde myle uitmekaar, twee van die ergste gevalle van rasse -gemotiveerde aanvalle in die Amerikaanse geskiedenis het binne enkele dae plaasgevind tydens die 1919 Rooi somer. Die twee-en-twintigjarige Elsie Stephnick, die eggenoot van ...

‘Making China great again’: pomp and propaganda as CCP marks centenary

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In die somer van 1921, 13 young men severely disillusioned by China’s post-imperial development gathered in Shanghai to form a communist party. Aan 23 Julie, they convened in Shanghai’s French Concession and held the fi...

Salisbury poisonings: Salmond accused of ‘spinning Russian propaganda’

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Alex Salmond has been accused of being an apologist for Vladimir Putin’s Russian regime after he refused to say whether Moscow was to blame for the Salisbury poisonings in 2018. The former Scottish first minister was ...

White supremacist propaganda nearly doubled in US in 2020

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Distribution of white supremacist propaganda nearly doubled across America in 2020, met 5,125 incidents of racist, antisemitic and other hateful messages being reported by an advocacy group. The Anti-Defamation Leagu...

Canadian lobby group attacks Netflix children’s film for ‘anti-oil propaganda

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The animated film Bigfoot Family has come under fire in Canada – but not because of its stilted dialogue or confusing plot. In plaas daarvan, a government-funded lobbying group has targeted the movie – a fantasy epic featuring...

Is WandaVisionPentagon propaganda?

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Marvel and Disney have long histories of collaborating with the the FBI and the Department of Defense. Consider the evidenceWandaVision, a new television program released by Disney+, is rapidly gaining popularity. Its...