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Fears over lax US standards prompts bill on chemical safety of beauty products

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Earlier this summer, a new study found that more than half of 231 cosmetic products tested in the US and Canada contained PFAS, a group of fluorinated chemicals that can weaken immunity, disrupt child development, aff...

Alaska earthquake prompts tsunami warnings as people take shelter

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A powerful earthquake which struck just off Alaska’s southern coast early Thursday caused prolonged shaking and prompted tsunami warnings that sent people scrambling for shelters. Residents reported only minor damage,...

Alleged killing of migrant by far-right politician prompts Italy gun control row

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A row over privately owned guns has been ignited in Italy after a councillor with the far-right League party allegedly shot dead an immigrant. Massimo Adriatici, a councillor for security in Voghera, is under house ar...

Cup tie: Gareth Southgate’s lucky polka dot neckwear prompts sales surge

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Football is a world of superstition – John Terry wore the same pair of shin pads for 10 seasons while Mesut Özil always puts his right boot on first. Gareth Southgate is no exception, because throughout Euro 2020 il ...

Miami condo collapse prompts questions over role of climate change

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The shocking collapse of a 12-storey building in the Miami area last week has raised questions as to the role played by the climate crisis, and whether the severe vulnerability of south Florida to the rising seas may ...

Catalonia: threat to impose massive fines on ex-minister prompts outcry

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Threats of massive fines against the economist and former Catalan finance minister Andreu Mas-Colell for his alleged role in Catalonia’s failed independence bid in 2017 have prompted international condemnation. Mas-Co...

UK stamp duty holiday extension prompts rise in mortgage demand

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Rishi Sunak’s six-month extension of the government’s stamp duty holiday prompted a fresh surge in demand for home loans, according to the latest figures from the Bank of England. Threadneedle Street data showed that ...

I negozi US Target interrompono la vendita di carte Pokémon dopo che l'aumento del valore ha provocato minacce al personale

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Il gigante statunitense del commercio al dettaglio Target interromperà la vendita di carte da gioco Pokémon per "abbondanza di cautela" per il suo staff e altri acquirenti. Il valore di rivendita delle carte è aumentato notevolmente durante la pande del coronavirus..

Shutdown of US pipeline after cyber attack prompts worry over gas prices

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The hackers who caused the vast Colonial Pipeline to shut down on Friday reportedly began their cyberattack against the top US fuel pipeline operator a day earlier and stole a large amount of data. The attackers are p...

Labour MP’s ‘horror’ at being photographed while breastfeeding prompts campaign

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A Labour MP has described her “horror” after she was photographed while breastfeeding on public transport, as she and a fellow MP launch a campaign to criminalise the taking of such pictures. Stella Creasy, the MP for...

UK government’s claim it is too busy for Covid inquiry prompts anger

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The government has caused anger among bereaved families by telling them it will be too busy to start an inquiry into the UK’s handling of the Covid pandemic for months. In a six-page letter to lawyers for thousands of...

New Zealand minister’s cervical cancer diagnosis prompts calls for better screening

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Women’s health advocates in New Zealand are calling for the government to improve the country’s cervical cancer screening programme following minister Kiritapu Allan’s shock diagnosis. Allan, the 37-year-old minister ...

‘Suez 2’? Ever Given grounding prompts plan for canal along Egypt-Israel border

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The blockage of the Suez canal by the beached Ever Given container ship has prompted fresh international efforts to find an alternative to the world’s most important shipping corridor. UN officials are understood to b...

US military account’s gibberish tweet prompts viral mystery

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The perils of working from home while managing the social media account of a major military power have been thrown into sharp relief after the US Strategic Command tweeted a confusing string of gibberish. Thirteen mys...

Miami Beach curfew for spring breakers prompts racism complaints

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La domenica, the second night of an emergency 8pm curfew in Miami Beach’s Art Deco Cultural District, a police squad came upon a large crowd of spring breakers having a good time on 8th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, un...

Attack on gay couple in Rome prompts calls for anti-homophobia law

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Italian politicians and activists have called for the urgent approval of a law that would criminalise violence against LGBT people following a homophobic attack in Rome. Jean Pierre Moreno was punched and kicked by an...

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