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Italy’s superbonus 110% scheme prompts surge of green home renovations

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For years, people living in Castelnuovo di Porto, a medieval village close to Rome, had put off doing maintenance jobs on their homes, whether it be fixing the roof or cracks in walls caused by earthquakes, because th...

Tel Aviv shooting prompts fears of wider cycle of violence

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As Israelis reel from a Palestinian shooting at a Tel Aviv pub that killed three people, the government has threatened to strike back amid concerns of a broader escalation. Security forces shot dead the lone attacker ...

Woman’s death from horse costume in Cornwall prompts call for tighter rules

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The death of a woman who suffered a neck injury when she was struck with a hefty hobby horse costume during a centuries-old Cornish festival has prompted a coroner to call for tighter rules on the organisation of such...

Ricketts family’s controversial bid for Chelsea prompts government concern

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The government is worried about the controversy surrounding the Ricketts family’s bid to buy Chelsea and does not want a group unpopular with supporters to purchase the club. The owners of the Chicago Cubs have seen t...

Outcry prompts U-turn over killing wild birds to protect game birds in England

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The government has U-turned on guidance to shooters that reclassified pheasants as livestock, meaning that wild birds such as crows could be shot to protect them in certain circumstances, after a furious reaction from...

‘A strange phenomenon’: new island in Papua New Guinea prompts territorial dispute

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While across the Pacific communities are dealing with shrinking coastlines, one area in Papua New Guinea has an altogether different problem: a new island that has solidified and started supporting vegetation in the l...

Russians-only farce prompts World Cup ski calendar shake-up

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Russia will not host any more World Cup events organised by the International Ski Federation (FIS) hierdie winter, the governing body said after a farcical attempt to hold ski cross races on Friday in the Urals resort of...

‘Kill the bill’: surge in Bristol riot charges prompts alarm over civil liberties

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Dozens of mainly young “kill the bill” protesters have been charged with riot – the most serious public order offence – following clashes in Bristol last year. The decision by Avon and Somerset police and the Crown Pr...

Australië nuus regstreekse opdaterings: Morrison’s jobs goal prompts reaction while handling of Covid in aged care under scrutiny

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ACTU’s Sally McManus says PM’s plan to lower unemployment rates doesn’t necessarily mean better pay or security – follow all the day’s news

Superyacht sales surge prompts fresh calls for curbs on their emissions

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The rising fortunes of the world’s billionaires during the pandemic helped fuel a record £5.3bn in superyacht sales last year, prompting calls for new curbs on their emissions. New figures reveal that 887 superyachts ...

First UK hairless French bulldog litter prompts ‘extreme breeding’ concerns

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A litter of hairless French bulldogs has been branded a worrying example of “extreme breeding” by the British Veterinary Association, which has voiced concerns that some owners are prioritising novelty over the health...

Rising Covid cases in US nursing homes prompts hospital warnings

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Covid cases are rising rapidly among US nursing home residents and staff, causing shortages in admissions, exacerbating bed shortages at hospitals in turn, and in some cases requiring the national guard to be called i...

Quebec health tax for unvaccinated residents prompts fierce Covid debate

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Quebec’s announcement that it will impose a healthcare tax on unvaccinated residents has prompted a fierce debate, as the province looks to salvage its crumbing healthcare system amid the latest wave of the coronaviru...

Glorification of Plymouth shooter by ‘incels’ prompts calls for action

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The man who gunned down seven people, killing five, in a rampage in Plymouth is being lionised by an online “incel” community, with some ironically venerating him as a “saint” and celebrating the attack as an aid to t...

Death of child with Covid-19 prompts calls for Māori to be prioritised in NZ vaccine rollout

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The first death of a child with Covid-19 in New Zealand has prompted calls for Māori children to be prioritised in the next stage of the vaccine rollout, as the country grapples with racial inequalities compounded by ...

Geen 10 Christmas party scandal prompts flood of memes online

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The unfolding government crisis over an alleged Christmas party at Downing Street during lockdown last year has gripped social media watchers, especially after the emergence of a video showing aides laughing and jokin...

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