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The Pegasus project: hacked in London – podcast

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The tragic story of Alaa Al-Siddiq has further exposed the extent of how powerful Pegasus spyware has been used against human rights activists even once they have fled their home country ...

Lincoln Project dice que el anuncio que atacaba a Greg Abbott se retiró del juego de fútbol de Texas

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Un grupo de republicanos descontentos ha cuestionado si el gobernador de Texas, Greg Abbott, usó influencia política para sacar un anuncio de televisión que criticaba su manejo de la pandemia de coronavirus. Según un comunicado emitido el ...

"Un LinkedIn más humano": Proyecto de medios de España que ayuda a Covid a los desempleados

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La crisis de Covid atravesó la vida de Alejandro * con una velocidad, ferocidad y vengativa minuciosidad que lo aturde hasta el día de hoy. Casi toda la noche, el negocio del artesano viudo que suministra piezas de cuero a la pesca..

Stonehenge project launched to repair deep lintel cracks

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The great circle of Stonehenge has stood for 4,500 years and it is tempting to imagine that it is bound to remain just as it is – stolid, unchanging – for thousands more. But even that ancient monument, it turns out, ...

Science project reveals high lead levels in schools’ water

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It was meant to be a straightforward school project to spark children’s curiosity about water. But pupils at 14 schools taking part in the Great British Water Project have made a far more startling discovery – that th...

Harvey/O’Higgins Project: That’s the Way to Live! review – giving tradition a boost

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All the members of this quartet are highly rated on the British jazz scene, particularly saxophonist Dave O’Higgins. Graham Harvey is the pianist, with Jeremy Brown on bass and Josh Morrison on drums. They make an exc...

The Song Project review – five playwrights, one compelling voice

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I often wish I had been in Paris in the 50s when the great French singer-songwriter Barbara was performing. Now I feel better about the lack. I was at the Royal Court when Wende sang. The singer and composer – Dutch, ...

Hello hawthorn! £10m sand dunes project brings plants back to life

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A few dark clouds, remnants of the storm that whipped up the North Sea the night before, still hang in the big Lincolnshire skies, above a coastline famed for its kiss-me-quick holiday towns such as Skegness and Mable...

The Song Project review – a mixed bag of theatrical ballads

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In this glorious experiment with mixed results, five playwrights – EV Crowe, Sabrina Mahfouz, Somalia Nonyé Seaton, Stef Smith and Debris Stevenson – were asked for ideas for songs, the brief no stricter than that. Co...

Depleted and unwanted, HS2 hurtles on as Johnson’s £100bn vanity project

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Britain’s new high-speed railway will not – repeat: not – get to the north of England. It will go back and forth from London to the Midlands and its chief beneficiaries will be London commuters. All else is political ...

Galileo Project: scientists to search for signs of extraterrestrial technology

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A team of scientists will embark on a new international research project led by Harvard University to search for evidence of extraterrestrial life by looking for advanced technology it may leave behind. The Galileo Pr...

Project cooks: ambitious Australian lockdown dishes from laksa to labneh

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With many parts of the country in some form of lockdown, home cooking projects are back on the agenda. Whether you find cooking from scratch an escape from the world, a way to entertain the kids or a place to unleash ...

Boris Johnson wants to mimic Tony Blair’s project, say No 10 sources

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Boris Johnson intends to mimic aspects of Tony Blair’s political project in the hope of winning over more voters in former Labour heartlands, Downing Street sources have revealed. While the Conservatives’ 2019-intake ...

Artist Oscar Murillo goes back to school with canvas project

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For a long time it was endless One Direction scrawls. Then it was Harry Styles, and then it was neither, but all along there have been a lot of football references, a lot of Superman “S” signs and a lot of cryptic mes...

Demonstrations and inquiries: the global impact of the Pegasus project

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The Pegasus project investigation has reverberated across the world; claims about the use of invasive spyware, and the governments that use the technology, have provoked demonstrations, political outrage and calls for...

The Pegasus project part 5: the fightback against private spyware begins

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After a week of stories about the abuse of private spyware by governments around the world, Michael Safi rounds off our mini-series by looking at the global impact of the Pegasus project and what could change as a res...

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