Etiqueta: Tres ministros conservadores ya han tenido que recusarse del proceso de toma de decisiones sobre el cable submarino Aquind por su vinculación con la empresa

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Eden Project creators tee up to open ‘edible’ and green golf course

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The views are spectacular, taking in a lovely Cornish river, a ruined castle and the rooftops of an ancient town while the golf is pleasantly challenging, with tight fairways and undulating greens. But what makes Gill...

‘Like them, we’re fragile’: how Randall Poster assembled his star-packed birdsong project

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In the early days of Covid, when lockdowns held tight, even the loudest cities fell into silence. With all that clamor cleared away, other sounds filled the air. For New York City native Randall Poster, the most encha...

Life at 30: the EU project that has saved species from lynx to flying squirrels

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“It has been a miracle,” whispers biologist Gabriel Llorens Folgado as he studies a tumble of granite boulders for any signs of movement. The miracle is that Spain’s lynx population has been saved. Hoy dia, in the wildf...

Cambridge University astrophysicist loses space project role amid Brexit row

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A Cambridge University astrophysicist studying the Milky Way and hoping to play a major part in the European Space Agency’s (Esa) next big project has been forced to hand over his coordinating role on the scheme after...

Facing Life: the project showing the cracks in California’s incarceration system

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Imagine being one of the more than 200,000 people in America sentenced to life in prison. Y luego, after decades behind bars, laws are changed, your sentence is shortened, and the parole board approves of your releas...

Have a passion project you want to turn into a business? Five tips to get you off to a flying start

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1 Choose your hustle wiselyOver the past couple of years, lots of us have thrown ourselves into new hobbies – painting, baking and pottering our way through the pandemic – and many of these passion projects have been ...

Eden Project installs plastic grass to stop children getting muddy

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The Eden Project in Cornwall has installed plastic grass in a children’s play area to stop them getting muddy. The garden is one of a number of organisations and public bodies laying artificial turf in what environmen...

una estrella de televisión, un inspector jefe: los sobrevivientes de abuso miran al mundo a los ojos en un proyecto extraordinario

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El actor Sam Beckinsale, 55, es quizás más conocida por su papel de la bombera Kate Stevens en la serie de larga duración London's Burning de ITV., visto por más de 15 un millón de personas. Después de salir en 1992, ella tenia papeles ...

Two plead guilty to pocketing funds raised for ‘We Build the Wall’ project

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The co-founder of the “We Build The Wall” project aimed at raising money for a border wall pleaded guilty Thursday to charges in a case that once included Donald Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon. Brian Kolfage admitted to...

Eden Project founder loses planning battle for education centre in Cornwall

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He is the visionary behind the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan, two innovative, pathfinding Cornish attractions that draw hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. But Sir Tim Smit’s bid to create a third...

Police examining contracts related to Unite’s £98m Birmingham hotel project

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A police inquiry involving a Unite union official is examining contracts related to the construction of a £98m hotel and conference centre in Birmingham, el guardián ha aprendido. South Wales police and HM Revenue and...

Amazon books first rocket launches for broadband satellites project

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Amazon will compete directly with SpaceX and the UK government-owned OneWeb to set up a constellation of broadband-providing satellites, the company has announced. The plan, Project Kuiper, will involve Amazon buying ...

Movie stars project themselves as rare and magical at the Oscars. You should give it a go

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Most of us will never go to the Oscars, never wear an haute-couture dress, never have an opportunity to oh-so-humbly thank a “glam squad” – or indeed, even to really know what a glam squad is. So it’s baffling that we...

1855 was driest year in UK history, volunteer research project finds

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A new driest year in British history has been found after a massive project in which thousands of volunteer citizen scientists helped unearth Victorian climate data. Millions of archived handwritten rainfall records d...

Reseña de La metamorfosis de los pájaros – documental poético portugués

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Reseña de La metamorfosis de los pájaros – documental poético portugués, Reseña de La metamorfosis de los pájaros – documental poético portugués. Reseña de La metamorfosis de los pájaros – documental poético portugués.

The Adam Project review – Ryan Reynolds quips through thin Netflix sci-fi

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The default tone of The Adam Project, Free Guy director Shawn Levy’s second sci-fi lite offering with Ryan Reynolds in as many years, is apiece with any other Reynolds film: quippy one-liners leavening a stressful sit...

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