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Progressive Democrats call on own party to extend evictions moratorium – live

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What’s at stake in the inflation debate? Biden’s progressive agenda

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Larry Summers says he’s worried about the US economy. Even more than he was worried when he started to sound the alarm in February. The well-known economist and former US treasury secretary said last week that “the fo...

The Democrat blocking progressive change is beholden to big oil. Surprised?

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As “thousand-year” heat waves caused by the climate crisis rock the west coast and biblical floods engulf major cities, Senate Democrats are negotiating a $3.5tn budget package that could include an attempt to slow th...

Progressive groups urge US media to ‘prioritize accuracy’ in culture war topics

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A coalition of progressive advocacy organizations are urging journalists to challenge charged rhetoric in a document they’re describing as “guiding principles” to cover so-called culture war issues without amplifying ...

Here’s how a progressive alliance would actually work

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After the crushing 2019 general election defeat, the historic byelection loss in Hartlepool for Labour and the spectacular win for the Liberal Democrats in Chesham and Amersham, the idea of a “progressive alliance” is...

Progressive economic policies are back on the agenda – time for Starmer to catch up

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Sometimes political parties hit a sweet spot and their opponents struggle to lay a glove on them. Rapid non-inflationary growth meant Margaret Thatcher was invulnerable at the 1987 elección. Tony Blair was unbeatable ...

Labour can no longer assume it would hold the whip hand in a ‘progressive alliance’

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When Greta Thunberg came to Bristol a year ago, it was to a heroine’s welcome. Thousands turned out in the rain to attend a climate crisis rally in a city she had picked, she explained, because “the movement is very s...

Cowboys review – progressive, predictable Montana trans tale

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Comic actors Steve Zahn and Jillian Bell are uncharacteristically earnest in this achingly well-intentioned but thuddingly heavy-handed family drama. Zahn plays Troy, the heavily medicated but supportive father of a t...

Progressive Democrats praise Biden on Covid but call for bolder action

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The progressive wing of the Democratic party praised Joe Biden for his handling of the Covid-19 crisis in a response to the president’s first address to Congress, but urged the president to be bolder in tackling the c...

Progressive wins in peculiar circumstances at 2021 Oscars

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Buenos dias. The film director Chloé Zhao made history at the Oscars last night, becoming the first woman of colour – and only the second woman ever – to be named best director. Zhao won for Nomadland, starring Franc...

Milkshake consent video earlier script referred to ‘modern progressive’ 1950s

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Scripts of earlier versions of the controversial video series commissioned by the federal government included a bizarre reference to the 1950s as a “modern progressive society” and used the example of “borrowing leggi...

George W Bush is back – but not all appreciate his new progressive image

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He’s back. George W Bush, the former US president, returns to the political stage this week with a promotional book tour comprising numerous “virtual conversations” and TV and radio interviews, including a late night ...

Extreme E’s laudably progressive intent at odds with Saudi Arabian venue

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With the aim of hosting a drive that makes a real difference, the new motor racing series Extreme E has progressive ideas at its core. The championship is dedicated to highlighting the climate emergency and in doing s...

Texas ramps up efforts to derail progressive policies

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Texas has branded itself as an aggressive and litigious arm of the Republican party for years – a rightwing David up against the Democratic Goliath. Entonces, when Democrat Joe Biden took over the Oval Office in January, th ...

Dutch election: progressive party surges as PM begins coalition talks

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The Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, will begin talks on forming a new coalition government after shrugging off setbacks to gain a comfortable win in a national election marked by a surge in support for progressive a...