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Ready for the roaring 20s? It’s time to re-learn how to have fun, says happiness professor

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After a year-and-a-half of loss, sickness and stress caused by the pandemic, burnout is high and morale is low. But in some positive news, according to Laurie Santos, Yale’s “happiness professor”, the way to feel bett...

Being You deur professor Anil Seth review - die opwindende nuwe wetenskap van bewussyn

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Vir elke stoner wat oorweldig is met diepgaande insig en getrek is, 'Werklikheid is 'n konstruksie, maaan,'Hier is die verstommende bevestiging. Werklikheid - of, ten minste, ons persepsie daarvan - is 'n 'beheerde hallusina'..

UTS professor Dianne Jolley found guilty of sending herself threatening letters

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A former university dean has been found guilty of sending fake threatening letters to herself after a Sydney jury heard she shredded her own clothes and sent herself underwear as part of an elaborate ploy. For months ...

The UK professor, a fake Russian spy and the undercover Syria sting

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A more sceptical academic than Paul McKeigue might perhaps have wondered if the emails flooding into his inbox from “Ivan”, a purported Russian spy, were too good to be true. Ivan appeared to share many of McKeigue’s ...

Canadian professor threatened to fail student caught up in Myanmar coup

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College instructors are all too familiar with the frantic, sometimes implausible excuses that students offer to get out of taking an exam. But a university in Canada has been forced to take action after a professor th...

Harvard professor sparks outrage with claims about Japan’s ‘comfort women

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A Harvard University professor has sparked outrage among fellow academics and campaigners after claiming that women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military had chosen to work in wartime brothels. J Mark Ra...