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Energy crisis could halt factory production, industry leaders warn

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Industry leaders have warned the government that factories across the country could stop production due to rising energy costs. Andrew Large, director-general at the Confederation of Paper Industries, Gareth Stace, fr...

Hollywood production crews vote to authorise first ever strike

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Film and television production in North America is at risk of coming to a standstill after behind-the-scenes workers voted overwhelmingly to authorise a strike for the first time in its 128-year history. The Internati...

Canale 4 privatisation could put us out of business, say TV production firms

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Più di 40 small TV and film production companies behind shows such as Derry Girls and Say Yes to the Dress have come together to warn that the government’s proposed privatisation of Channel 4 could put them out of ...

Computer chip shortage stalls UK car industry production

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British car industry output declined for the second month in a row in August as the months-long shortage of computer chips hampered the sector’s recovery effort. The number of cars built in UK factories fell by 27% ye...

Livestock industry lobbying UN to support more meat production

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Livestock groups have been lobbying the UN to support more meat and dairy production before a high-profile summit on food sustainability, documents reveal.Most experts agree that livestock are responsible for at least...

Meat accounts for nearly 60% of all greenhouse gases from food production, lo studio trova

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The global production of food is responsible for a third of all planet-heating gases emitted by human activity, with the use of animals for meat causing twice the pollution of producing plant-based foods, a major new ...

Sarah Storey: the one-woman gold medal factory still in full production

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Attempting to put a marathon athletic career into context can seem reductive. è 29 years since Dame Sarah Storey won the first Paralympic gold medal of the series which reached a climactic point on Thursday mornin...

Production allowed to resume of cat food at centre of pet deaths inquiry

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A company whose cat food has been at the centre of an inquiry into a spate of cat deaths will be allowed to restart production, as an investigation found no evidence that its products caused an illness thought to have...

UK labour shortage hits consumer firms, as car production tumbles – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

Amazon moves production of Lord of the Rings TV series to UK

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Amazon has made the surprise decision to move production of its $1bn-plus Lord of the Rings series from New Zealand to the UK, rejecting tens of millions of dollars in incentives to shoot the TV show in the same locat...

Noel Clarke quits his own production company following sexual misconduct allegations

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Noel Clarke has left his production company, Unstoppable Film and TV, after allegations of bullying and sexual misconduct first reported in the Guardian in April. Clarke, 45, has left the firm – which produced his Sky...

UK car production slumps to lowest June level in almost 70 anni

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The number of cars rolling off UK production lines last month slumped to the lowest June level in almost 70 anni, as car manufacturers were hit by shortages of both staff and semiconductors. The Society of Motor Manu...

Lights, camera, studio space? Lack of production capacity hits UK film industry

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The UK needs to build the equivalent of four new film studios to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for new content from streaming giants such as Netflix, or risk losing out on billions of pounds of movie and TV ...

Smashed prices: Australians enjoy $1 avocados amid record production

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It was the summer of 2018 and Australians were sweating. In their hands: a single avocado pear, barely ripe. The price: $9. Could it possibly be worth it? And how many times had it been squeezed? per fortuna, though mu...

Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible 7 production temporarily shut down due to coronavirus case

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Paramount Pictures has temporarily shut down production on the British set of Tom Cruise’s seventh Mission: Impossible film after someone tested positive for coronavirus. “We have temporarily halted production on Miss...

Acer says global chip shortage to slow laptop production until at least next year

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One of the biggest laptop makers in the world, Acer, has said the worldwide global chip shortage will continue to have a “severe” impact on its production capabilities until at least the first or second quarter of nex...

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