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Rekord 420,000 children a month in England treated for mental health problems

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Meer as 400,000 children and young people a month are being treated for mental health problems – the highest number on record – prompting warnings of an unprecedented crisis in the wellbeing of under-18s. Experts sa...

Rishi Sunak says technical problems stopped him raising benefits more

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Rishi Sunak has claimed he was prevented from raising benefits more at the spring statement because of the old computer system used by the Department for Work and Pensions. Acknowledging that technical problems “sound...

Tesla halts most production in Shanghai over supply problems

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Tesla has halted most of its production at its Shanghai plant because of problems securing parts for its electric vehicles, according to an internal memo seen by Reuters, the latest in a series of difficulties for the...

My Fair Lady has its problems but I still idolise Eliza Doolittle

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I have seen My Fair Lady an alarming number of times but never on stage. The musical is coming to the Coliseum in London and, when this was announced, I learned that Amara Okereke, who is playing Eliza Doolittle, is r...

The world’s engines are spluttering: IMF points to deeper problems beyond 2022

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The International Monetary Fund’s revised World Economic Outlook is sobering. It is rare for the organisation to revise down sharply its projections for economic growth only one quarter into the calendar year. Yet in ...

Every Family Has a Story by Julia Samuel review – why we inherit our parents’ problems

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“How are you?” is a question – as I remember my mother telling me long ago – best avoided. Once you start to think about it, you realise most people prefer not to have to respond to the inquiry truthfully (a polite “f...

Fertiliser prices hit new highs as multiple problems affect global supplies

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Fertiliser prices have broken new records as global supplies are hit by multiple factors including reduced supplies from Russia and Belarus, disruptions to the supply chain, a China export ban and a Canadian rail stri...

Giuliani’s legal problems deepen as ‘false electors’ scheme investigated

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Legal pressures are mounting for Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer Rudy Giuliani as the US justice department and the House panel investigating the January 6 assault on Congress are both investigating a “false electors” scheme...

EU parcel problems since Brexit prompt flood of complaints

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There was a huge response from readers across Europe to the letter two weeks ago from GH from Sheffield – all decrying the lottery that posting parcels to Europe has become post-Brexit. GH had asked why her son in Ber...

Social workers warn of rise in mental health problems among children

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Social workers are warning of a rise in the number of children with mental health problems since the start of the pandemic, with official figures recording a 25% increase as successive lockdowns and school closures ta...

Removal of Benítez will not solve all of Everton’s deep-lying problems

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Perhaps the strangest aspect of Rafa Benítez’s time at Everton is how well it began. He may have been sacked after a dismal run of one win in 13 league games, but after seven league games Everton had 14 punte, a bett...

Problems mount for Eidevall as WSL leaders Arsenal hit the wall

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That the Women’s Super League leaders, Arsenal, were toppled by a previously winless Birmingham on Sunday was a shock. But perhaps the bigger surprise was the manner of the Gunners’ limp defence of their status as the...

Are Barcelona back? Or still using quick fixes for long-term problems?

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Barcelona signed two for one. First came Ferran Torres, the footballer they wanted, joining for €55m plus €10m more in add-ons. Then came Samuel Umtiti, the footballer they didn’t and still don’t but whom they needed ...

Pressing problems a real headache for Ralf Rangnick at Manchester United

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Six matches into a stewardship may seem premature for an inquest unless the club is Manchester United and the manager was brought in to administer a quick fix before a permanent No 1 is hired in the close season. Tog ...

Martin Rowson on Boris Johnson’s escalating problems – cartoon

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En Net So: bad jokes are the least of its problems

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Good sex, like good comedy, relies on timing, and maybe, 17 years after the original show ended, 11 years after the second film departed cinemas, Sex and the City no longer has its finger on the clitoris when it comes...

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